Cold Weather is a Great Risk for COPD Patients

Chest Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Yalçın Karakoca gave information about the subject. COPD, colloquially known as chronic bronchitis, is chronic chronic bronchitis characterized by restriction of airflow during breathing due to narrowing of the airways in the lungs. [...]

tuv sud d expert branch acti in balikesirde

TÜV SÜD D- Expert Opened Its 20th Branch in Balıkesir

The second-hand automobile trade covers a large part of the industry in terms of both numerical and functional issues. In the new period that started with the necessity of expertise, while the expertise centers continue to be a complementary element of the automotive sector, the investment and branching efforts of the companies [...]


Thyroid Storm Can Disrupt Life

It is known that many diseases occur when vital thyroid hormones work more or less. Sometimes, it indicates that the "thyroid storm" picture may occur if the increase in hormone secretions is delivered to the blood very quickly and in large quantities. [...]


What is Myoma? What are the Symptoms?

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Aşkın Evren Güler gave important information on the subject. Fibroids, which are benign tumors originating from the uterus, which are seen in approximately 25% of women, in women with hormonal disorders and genetic predisposition, [...]


How Do We Get Rid of Digital Addiction?

If you cannot prevent yourself from using digital devices that make our daily life easier and happy, you may be digital addicted if you experience tension and nervousness when you stay away. The formula to get rid of being addicted: Digital detox… Our relationship with technology is increasing day by day as required by our age. [...]

great interest in toyota hybrid models

Great Interest in Toyota's Hybrid Models

With the pandemic period, while personal preferences for environmentally friendly vehicles instead of fossil fuel cars continue to increase, institutions and organizations that want to reduce their carbon footprint have turned to cars with hybrid technology. Toyota, the pioneer and leading brand of hybrid technology, [...]

Totally working women get stronger with twice turkey

Women Working at TOTAL Strengthens with TWICE Turkey

Total Turkey Pazarlama creates awareness with the efforts it carries out to strengthen the professional and personal lives of women. Supporting the TOTAL group's goals of increasing the ratio of women executives and the number of women in the management committee, Total Turkey Pazarlama was held in 2006. [...]

tons of new ford transit van and truck turkiyede
American Car Brands

New Ford Transit Van and 5-ton truck in Turkey

Turkey's and Europe's leading commercial vehicle Ford, giving direction to the sector and Turkey's most preferred commercial vehicle model Transit's 5.000 kgzami introduced van and van versions with loaded weight *. Ford's ever produced [...]


Do Rheumatic Diseases Prevent Covid Vaccine?

While the Covid-19 pandemic continues to be a serious danger for all segments of the society, this also points to an anxious process for people struggling with rheumatological diseases, which are an important immune problem. Many of these ailments [...]


What to Consider When Buying Oxygen Concentrator?

Oxygen concentrators concentrate the 21% oxygen gas in the atmosphere and make it usable for treatment. Especially household concentrators are used in oxygen therapy by adjusting a certain flow rate and connecting directly to the patient. This type of devices is uninterrupted [...]