aprilia tuono in turkey

Aprilia Tuono 660 in Turkey Expected Sales

Italian Aprilia, which has a special place in the hearts of motorcycle lovers, has managed to combine performance and original design with its new model Tuono 660. In addition to its impressive sportive performance, it creates excitement as it enters the season with its assertive look and colors. Tuono, his older brother who cannot bend [...]


Attention to 8 Causes of Bad Breath!

Aesthetic Dentist Dr. Efe Kaya gave information on the subject. 1. Improper Oral Hygiene When the food that accumulates on our teeth is not cleaned, it causes gum inflammation. This will lead to bleeding gums and bad breath. [...]


How do we know if we are gluttonous?

Dr. Fevzi Özgönül gave important information about the subject. It is necessary to ensure that gluttonous people eat until they are full at main meals instead of cutting their appetite. When it comes to gluttony, people who eat a lot, who are not full and who cannot control their appetite come to mind. One [...]