hyundai new mpvsi shared design details of starian

Hyundai New MPV Shares STARIA's Design Details

Hyundai Motor Company shared more images than the new MPV model STARIA, which it plans to introduce in the first half of 2021. Hyundai, close zamWith this model that it will produce at the moment, it offers special solutions for both families and commercial enterprises. In terms of mobility [...]

bursa getting ready for a local car

Bursa is preparing for the local car

Turkey's first domestic, national and electric cars to the factory area in Gemlik town of Bursa, which will be hosted while continuing construction, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has also accelerated the infrastructure works related to electric vehicle charging stations. National [...]

Will the mass of Jeeps in the automotive sector affect the prices?

Will Chip Shortage in Automotive Sector Affect Prices?

As a result of the chip crisis in the automotive industry, many market giants have announced that they have stopped production one after another. The problem experienced in the minds of many citizens "Will the chip crisis in the automotive sector cause a price increase?" brought the question. Trillion-dollar volume [...]