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  • lowered interest rates in suzuki vitara swift hybrid and sx s cross model
    Suzuki, owned by "Suzuki Smart Hybrid Technology" offered by the Turkey market, has announced an ambitious hybrid vehicle models in April sales practices for efficiency and safety. In this context, Suzuki's smartphones consisting of Vitara, SX4 S-Cross and Swift [...]
  • great interest in toyota hybrid models
    With the pandemic period, while personal preferences for environmentally friendly vehicles instead of fossil fuel cars continue to increase, institutions and organizations that want to reduce their carbon footprint have turned to cars with hybrid technology. Toyota, the pioneer and leading brand of hybrid technology, [...]
  • Special campaign for February at the swift, the best selling hybrid of its class
    Swift Hybrid, the best-selling hybrid car of its segment in 2020 among B segment hatchback vehicles, offers car lovers special deals for February. Over 20 percent fuel savings, standard advanced safety within the scope of the month-long campaign [...]

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