Children Playing Games Enjoy Eating

Medicana Sivas Hospital Specialist Psychologist Begüm Özkaya said, “Before sitting at the table, play games with your child. Cheering up thanks to the game, the child starts to enjoy eating more. " said. Medicana Sivas Hospital Psychologist, Family and Marriage Counseling and Sexual Counselor [...]


Antibiotic Use May Cause Hearing Problems

Drawing attention to the factors that cause hearing loss and hearing loss within the scope of the World Ear and Hearing Day on 3 March, Professor of Otolaryngology Department. Dr. Fadlullah Aksoy, “Some of the antibiotics used [...]


The Importance of Breakfast in Education

It is of great importance that students who continue their education at the end of the semester break should have a healthy diet during this period. Emphasizing the importance of breakfast for the weakening immune system during the winter months, the experts are at their breakfast so that children can work vigorously and strengthen their immunity. [...]

In pandemic sales of trucks in Europe increased by diminished turkiyede

Truck Sales in Europe Decreased Increased in Turkey

In a pandemic, new truck sales in Europe decreased 27,3%, new truck sales in Turkey increased by 122,9%, Pandemic negative in Europe over 16 tons with effect lorries and trailers sales in 2020 compared to the previous year 27,3 thousand 198 with a decrease of 352% [...]


Don't Let Joint Pain Make Your Life A Nightmare

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Associate Professor Ahmet İnanır gave important information about the subject. There are many joint pains caused by factors such as not using the body properly, gaining excess weight, making sudden wrong movements, and some medications. [...]

toyota cilgin breaks the routine with its spring campaign

Toyota Breaking The Box With Its Crazy Spring Campaign

Toyota started a "crazy" campaign with unmissable discounts and "0" financing ratio ... In the first week of the campaign, which will be limited with stocks, working hours in all Toyota plazas were extended until 8 pm ... Corolla models are on sale at prices starting from 181 thousand 250 TL. [...]


Love Cat For Your Health

Scientific research shows that love for animals causes the secretion of oxytocin and serotonin hormones in humans. It is known that these hormones, which are called happiness hormones, are also released when chocolate and similar candies are eaten. When viewed as a cause-effect relationship; from the weight-losing chocolates [...]

One person wants to buy electric vehicle

10 out of 6 people want to buy an electric vehicle

LeasePlan, one of the largest rental companies in the world, published the “Electric Vehicles and Sustainability” section of the Mobility Insight Report, which it co-operated with Ipsos. While the report shows that there has been a record level of support for electric vehicles in the last 3 years, under-charging infrastructure [...]


Pollen Allergy Symptoms May Start Earlier This Year

Pollen allergy affects thousands of people. "Symptoms that start especially with the arrival of spring may start earlier this year due to climate changes," said Professor of Allergy and Asthma Association. Dr. Ahmet Akçay, details of pollen allergy and what can be taken [...]


What is CPR (Basic Life Support)? How Is It Applied?

CPR, also known as heart massage or artificial respiration, is a first aid method used to bring the person back to life in cases such as sudden cardiac arrest or suffocation. CPR is the abbreviation for "cardiopulmonary resuscitation". "Cardio" heart, "pulmonary" lungs, resuscitation [...]