Children Affected by Pandemic!

Assistant Professor Elif Erol said, "The main problem is the breath that children cannot take in their compressed lives, indexed to education rather than fear of covid." Since the day it entered our lives in 2020, covid has caused quite a few changes in our lives. Going out into the street in fear [...]


The Secret of Pine Cone Revealed

Istanbul University Molecular Medicine doctor Dr. Hande Karagedik has recently launched the food supplement syrup produced from seaside pine cone as a result of long studies. Combining herbs and modern medicine, Karagedik, how important cone is for health [...]


Is it possible to lose weight by being hungry

I have gained a lot of weight during the pandemic period, working from home did not work for me, those who say I constantly want to eat something, I cannot go into my old clothes are noteworthy I am aware that everyone is looking for an easy way to lose weight. You are right. Cause whatever everyone really wants [...]


How Can Diabetic Foot Injury Be Prevented?

With diabetes, the blood sugar in the body begins to be above the normal level. When the disease cannot be treated or blood sugar cannot be controlled, it can affect the capillaries and cause dysfunction in the nerves and vessels. Up to 20% of diabetics (i.e. 5 [...]


What is Anger? Why Do We Get Angry?

Expert Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. Anger is a perfectly normal, usually healthy emotion. But when it gets out of control, it starts to become destructive and instantly. zamthe moment causes some problems. The general of our whole life [...]

audi rated the year
German Car Brands

Audi Reaches 2020 Billion Euro Sales Revenue in 50

Audi continued its sustainable mobility transformation with uninterrupted vigor in the challenging 2020 year in the shadow of the pandemic. Due to the pandemic, the number of deliveries and sales revenues decreased significantly in the first half of the year. [...]

sahsuvaroglu automotive has renewed the vehicle of the baris manco

Şahsuvaroğlu Automotive Renewed Barış Manço's Vehicle

Şahsuvaroğlu Automotive is the car of Barış Manço, the legendary name of Anatolian rock music who passed away 22 years ago. zamthe mother did not let her succumb. South Korean SsangYong is the representative of Turkey, one of the first models in the 1997 model assumes the maintenance Musson [...]


Spring Breeze on Your Skin

We want to enjoy the spring to the fullest, but sometimes allergies don't allow it. Flu, eye redness, burning and itching caused by pollen can poison spring. Swedish beauty technology brand FOREO, a smart mask for skin irritations in spring [...]

Tosfed karting academy trainings were in the cave

TOSFED Karting Academy Trainings were in the Gulf

Turkey Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED), was held the first training of young athletes in the Bay Race Track 18-20 March scope of growth and development in order to implement the project TOSFED Karting Academy. 2018 and 2019 FIA World Karting Champion, 2019 [...]


Attention to Bags Under Eye!

Medical Aesthetic Physician Dr. Sevgi Ekyor drew attention to the importance of the eye contour in revealing facial beauty. He gave information about the appropriate treatment methods for people with detention problems. Cheek problems are also seen in 90% of people with detention bags. [...]