toyota gazoo racing continues to lead the championship

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Continues to Lead the Championship

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing competed in the second race of the FIA ​​World Rally Championship in the Finnish Arctic Rally, which consists of stages covered with snow and ice. The young driver of the team, Flying Finn Kalle Rovanperä, finished the race in second place and entered the WRC Drivers' Championship. [...]


Attention to Advice Before Hair Transplantation!

Dr. Emrah Çinik gave information about the subject. What is Hair Transplant? In other words, hair transplantation, thinning of the healthy and strong hair follicles, which are coded as resistant to shedding and located in the neck and upper ear area, with a micromotor. [...]


Does Obesity Increase Coronavirus Risk?

Obesity, which causes many health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, and even cancer, is also a great danger for the coronavirus, which affects the whole world. Coronavirus of overweight and obesity patients [...]

toyota yaris selected car of the year in europe

Toyota Yaris named European Car of the Year

The completely renewed Toyota Yaris was named 2021 European Car of the Year. The fourth generation Yaris regained this award 59 years later, with 266 points given by a jury of 21 automotive journalists in Europe. First generation European Car of the Year [...]


The 5 Most Common Diseases in the Ear!

Some of the health problems postponed instead of going to the hospital due to the epidemic disease of the century Covid-19 infection include ear diseases and hearing problems. However, Acıbadem University Atakent Hospital Ear, stating that hearing problems will not come to be delayed, [...]


8 essential foods for breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Certain foods should definitely be included in our table. Dr. Fevzi Özgönül explains these foods in order. Please do not force yourself while having breakfast, do not get up with an unnecessarily full stomach. If you use your body mind [...]

want red bull racing's new vehicle rbb
formula 1

Here is Red Bull Racing's New Vehicle: RB16B

The wait is coming to an end. We can feel the new Formula 1 season approaching. Soon the sounds of the engine will merge with the reflexes of the drivers and a new storm of excitement will begin on the tracks. Of course, the eyes will be looking for this vehicle the most. Red Bull Racing presents: RB16B! [...]