10 Nutrients That Increase Body Resistance After Covid

In order to protect against Covid-19, the epidemic disease of the century, it is of great importance to have a strong immunity by eating a healthy diet as well as following the rules of social distance and hygiene. Despite all these measures, those who caught and recovered from Covid infection were also 'Covid-19'. [...]


Genetic-Based Hearing Loss May Occur in 30s

Head of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Istanbul Medipol University Prof. Dr. Yıldırım Ahmet Bayazıt stated that there are various causes of hearing loss in adulthood and age-related hearing loss, but if there is a genetic predisposition, it may show symptoms in the 30s. [...]


What Are the Side Effects of Covid-19 Vaccine?

While the Covid-19 vaccination process continues; Many questions are still waiting for answers. The vaccine frequency and dose, the necessity of quarantine process, the side effects of the vaccine and the necessity of the first dose and the second dose of vaccine to be the same [...]

mercedes recalls million cars
German Car Brands

Mercedes Recalls 1 Million Cars

Mercedes, one of the world's leading automobile organizations, has decided to recall 1 million cars. The reason for the error in a system used in emergency situations was shown for the recall in question. With the system called eCall, emergency [...]