What about a non-surgical face lift?

It is of great importance that you take regular care for your skin to preserve its present beauty in the future. Smart microcurrent facial tightening device BEAR from Swedish beauty technology brand FOREO and advanced microcurrent (microcurrent) and T-Sonic ™ [...]


End of Fearful Dental Treatments

Stating that the main purpose is to add innovation and comfort to the care and treatment processes, Dentist Recep EŞKAR stated that they are trying to create a much more spacious, relaxing and relaxing atmosphere by destroying the perception of the hospital environment. Thus [...]


Early Adolescence is More Common in Girls

Experts emphasize that early adolescence is seen at 5 in 10-1 thousand in childhood, is more common in girls, and is more associated with diseases such as intracranial tumors in boys. Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Child Adolescent Psychiatry [...]

historic success from bmw motorrad
German Car Brands

Historic Success from BMW Motorrad

Borusan Otomotiv's distributor in Turkey where BMW Motorrad delivered by enthusiasts worldwide 169.272 2020 units in XNUMX. All motorcycles and scooters zamit managed to achieve the second best sales result of the moments. 2020 new products introduced to the market in 13 [...]

toyota finance campaign continues in february

Toyota Finance Campaign Continues

Toyota's campaign, full of great financial advantages, continues in February. All 2021 Corolla and C-HR models and 2020 model Corolla, C-HR, Corolla Hatchback and Yaris models are under the umbrella of Toyota Finans and negotiated. [...]


Novadan will meet the needs of 26 thousand 700 pharmacies

Novadan, a shopping platform where pharmacists can easily access the products they need, is conducting a 01 + 05 campaign between 2021-5 February 5. Approximately 300 health products in the unbeatable advantage of discounts provided by the campaign, Turkey, serving the needs of 26 thousand 700 pharmacies across the [...]


Unknown Benefits of Nose Aesthetics!

Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Yavuz Selim Yıldırım gave information about the subject. Rhinoplasty surgery has been increasing in recent years, When this procedure is done correctly, not only in terms of aesthetics but also zammany medical benefits [...]

Pirelli unveils new cinturato all season sf tires

Pirelli Introduces New Cinturato All Season SF2 Tires

Pirelli has introduced the new Cinturato All Season SF2 tire that complies with current winter tire regulations. Offering safe driving experience in all weather conditions, the tire can be used all year round. Driving safety and security in the new all-season Cinturato with cutting-edge tire technologies [...]

double victory from Borusan Otomotiv motorsport e team

Double Victories from Borusan Otomotiv Motorsport E-Team

BOM E-Team, founded by Borusan Otomotiv Motorsport for the development of e-sports in our country, won a double victory in the Assetto Corsa Competizione Teams Championship organized by Ortombo. Since its establishment in 2018, BOM E-Team deserves its slogan 'The Path from Virtual to Reality', [...]


Fear of Cancer and Attention to Misunderstandings

Cancer, one of the most important diseases of the modern age, can be seen in individuals of all ages. Early diagnosis and correct treatment planning are of great importance in the fight against cancer. For this, being conscious about cancer, which is common in the society but [...]


Psychosocial Support from AvivaSA Over 60 Years of Age During Pandemic

In order to reduce the negative effects of the pandemic on people over 60 years of age, AvivaSA is responsible for the distribution of healthy food packages and health and hygiene packages within the framework of the "Pandemic Aid Project" implemented in cooperation with Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa and Ankara Metropolitan District Municipalities. [...]


Is Every Tumor In The Body A Sign Of Cancer?

Cancer cases are increasing every year in the world. There are many different types of cancer whose exact causes are unknown. Underlining that age, gender and family history are important factors in cancer risk, Op. Dr. Friday Leo, February 4th World Cancer [...]


8 Ways to Maintain Spinal Health

The spine is the most important bone structure that enables the body to function properly and stand upright. Spinal health is very important for both protecting the structure of internal organs and the strength of the muscles and ligaments connected to it. [...]