Tips for Protecting Nose Health at Home

Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Associate Professor Yavuz Selim Yıldırım gave information about the subject. Nasal obstruction is a condition that significantly affects the quality of life.Nose obstruction can occur to anyone, from childhood to adulthood, infection, allergies or structural problems. [...]


30-Minute Solution to Urinary Incontinence

Many people have a hidden nightmare: Incontinence. For this reason, it is afraid of exercising, laughing and sneezing. Most of them don't even want to leave the house. But this big problem is solved with BTL EMSELLA which strengthens the muscles. [...]

Togg ship facility construction work continues

TOGG Gemlik Facility Construction Work Continues

Turkey's Cars Initiative Group (TOGG) sharing his social media accounts; “It has been announced that the infrastructure works of the paint shop, energy, body and entrance buildings that started at the Gemlik Facility have been completed. The statement made on TOGG's social media account includes the following information about the studies [...]


What Should We Do To Avoid Home Accidents?

Stating that about 20 thousand deaths occur in home accidents every year, experts point out that it is most frequently observed in individuals under the age of 6 and over the age of 65. The most common household accidents are falling, sharp and piercing injuries. [...]


Chin Filling to Approach the Golden Ratio on the Face

Dermatology Specialist Dr. Evren Gökeşme gave information on the subject. With the chin filling and chin line filling, it is possible to make the face much more impressive in terms of aesthetics and approach the golden ratio. Filling applications are the most common for aesthetic purposes today. [...]


Melatonin Hormone Strengthens Against Covid-19

In the Covid-19 pandemic, the anxiety we experience due to many factors such as the health problems caused by the virus, the loss of our relatives and the financial difficulties caused by the process also sabotage our sleep! During the pandemic zamLack of daylight as a result of spending most of our memories at home [...]