Facial Developments in Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the world! It is also the second among cancers that cause death. Especially in Western societies (EU countries, USA), breast cancer is seen in approximately one in every 8 women. “In terms of protection from breast cancer; weak [...]

getting a sportage with zero interest from the kia zamani

Buying a Sportage from KIA with Zero Interest Zamsudden

KIA, the brand of Çelik Motor, one of the Anadolu Group companies, offers convenience to those who want to own a car with a special campaign prepared for February. KIA has a 100-month 12 percent interest advantage for 0 thousand TL on the Sportage and XCeed models exclusive to February [...]


Breast Cancer is Now the Most Common Cancer Type

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced that the most common type of cancer is breast cancer, not lung cancer. Noting that the small increases in the rate of breast cancer in women have been known for years, Anadolu Medical Center General Surgery [...]

hyundai engine group introduced humanoid robot branch

Hyundai Motor Group Introduces Humanoid Robot DAL-e

As one of the fastest growing automobile manufacturers in the world, Hyundai continues its technology investments rapidly. Hyundai, which incorporated Boston Dynamics last month, this time produced a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence. Sensitive tongue and face [...]


Epilepsy Awareness Research Results Announced

The Turkish Epilepsy Association announced the results of the Epilepsy Awareness Research at a press conference. According to the research, 6 percent of the society believes that epilepsy is contagious. Hiring an individual with epilepsy if 5 out of every 1 people was an employer [...]


How Harmful Gases Produced While Cooking Affect Your Health

With the arrival of the winter season, viruses, bacteria and allergen diseases that come into our lives again affect our health negatively. Especially in these days when we cannot get out of our homes due to the pandemic and we need clean and warm air, we are in search of new activities to spend time. [...]

Does the emergence of the new BMW CS is preparing the way turkiyede
German Car Brands

Exiting CSI Prepares to Get New BMW M5 in Turkey

Borusan Otomotiv BMW is the distributor in Turkey, the most powerful and performance series, the production model of the new BMW M5 CSi produced so far, since the second quarter of the year with a 635 hp engine and exceptional driving experience to bring the road in Turkey [...]


E-cigarette Increases Covid Risk 5-fold!

Although we follow the rules of "mask, distance and hygiene" in order to avoid the pandemic that affects the world, some bad habits make all these efforts frustrated. The most important of these is using cigarettes and tobacco products. Society against the harms of smoking [...]

Aegean Region

Offer from Izmir Metropolitan for Old Sanatorium Tender

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality participated in the tender opened by the Regional Directorate of Forestry for the facility, which was used as a sanatorium on Yamanlar Mountain through the Grand Plaza among its companies, but was abandoned years ago. In the tender held today, the Grand Plaza has an annual 120 [...]