What Families Should Know About Baby Development

Pediatric Health and Diseases Specialist / Pediatric Infectious Diseases Specialist Dr. Serkan Aıcı explained what families need to know about infant development. The Covid-19 pandemic, whose first year we left behind in recent months, has affected almost every aspect of life all over the world. [...]


Prolonged Leg Pain May Herald Showcase Disease

Abdi İbrahim Otsuka Medical Directorate, which usually occurs due to blockage in the leg arteries, while walking on the road, even zamHe warns about peripheral artery disease, which manifests itself with pain in the legs even at rest. You feel pain in your legs while walking on the road, [...]

Campaign to change vehicles from the bus in the new year

Otokar's Attractive Price Campaign Will Make Vehicle Owners

Turkey's leading automotive company, Otokar Sultan small bus and car owners will do in the new year with attractive prices and payment options for those who want to get the Atlas truck. Otokar, one of the Koç Group companies, besides the vehicles it manufactures and its after-sales services [...]


Which Movements Cause Neck Pain?

Neck hernias are known as a common condition in the society. Experts who state that if there is stress, if there is a psychic trauma, there is a spasm in the muscles, emphasizing that this situation also causes neck pain. zamright in the neck and spine in moments [...]


Pandemic Process Has Changed Our Eating Habits

With the corona virus epidemic, the difficult period we are in has also changed our eating habits. Anxiety, fear, difficulty in managing uncertainty and social isolation, which manifest themselves with the epidemic in the society, cause many people to change their eating habits. [...]


Dependent Personality Disorder Damages Relationships!

Dependent personality disorder is one of the most common personality disorders, but what are the symptoms of dependent personality disorder? Expert Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. Those who avoid taking responsibility, do not agree with others for fear that they will not be accepted. [...]