150 Homemade Vegetarian Recipes

Zaman zamAlthough it is said that vegetarianism or veganism is a new trend, the truth is not. The idea of ​​not eating meat is by no means new. People do it ancient zamhas been applying since moments. Two famous histories, such as Plato and Pyhagoras [...]

you buy a second hand car zamani

Used Car German's Full Zamsudden

In the automotive sector, where zero vehicle production has stopped due to the coronavirus epidemic, it is predicted that the supply problem will decrease in 2021, and consumers are waiting for different alternatives in the market. Although used cars, which have made a name for themselves with price increases in 2020, will lose their popularity according to some people. [...]


We Need To Change Global Normals

Stating that the coronavirus crisis, which has effects around the world, has given important messages to humanity, Psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan points out that the pandemic is changing global trends. Üsküdar University Founding Rector, Psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan, its effects all over the world [...]

Karsan continues to electrify with its vehicles

Karsan's Electric Minibuses Started Service in Romania

Offering modern solutions that can adapt to every city with its innovative vehicles for public transportation systems, Karsan continues to contribute to the transportation of European cities with its electrical product range. Winner of the electric minibus tender for the Romanian city of Suceava last year [...]

hyundaiden sporty suv atagi new tucson n line

Sporty SUV Attack from Hyundai: New Tucson N Line

Hyundai New Tucson, whose first images were shared in recent months, finally introduced the N Line version. Holding the title of the best-selling Hyundai model in Europe, Tucson now adds sportier details to its stylish and modern appearance. New Tucson [...]


Risky Baby Cerebral Palsy Discussed With All Aspects

Organized by the collaboration of Istinye University and Liv Hospital Ulus, Risky Baby-Cerebral Palsy Symposium was held with the participation of many specialist physicians. With the unconditional support of Nestle Health, with the cooperation of Istinye University and Liv Hospital Ulus, online [...]

Ford Otosan, a first in the automotive industry than turkey

Ford Otosan, a first in Turkey in the Automotive Industry More

Ford Otosan, the pioneer power of the Turkish automotive industry and leader of women's employment, aims to increase gender-based data reporting transparency of 11 global companies operating in 380 different sectors from automotive to finance, from energy to technology, and to increase the equality of opportunity, representation and rights in the workplace. [...]