Native Systems in Driverless Vehicle Technology

domestic systems in non-drive vehicle technology
domestic systems in non-drive vehicle technology

Today, more than one thousand different models of 700 vehicles are produced in more than 3 factories around the world. Only 2 percent of these vehicles are electric. Recently, autonomous driverless autonomous systems, which operate with artificial intelligence and can control itself with software, have become widespread in the world. Developing and driving systems in this regard among the leading companies in the world; Tesla, Uber, Google, Mercedes, Toyota, BMW, Volvo, Audi, Nissan, Ford, GM, Honda, Bosch, Hyundai.

In the semi-autonomous system, the software in the vehicle can control both the steering, the brake and the gas, while in the full autonomous system, the vehicle software can directly control road, traffic and environmental conditions without the need for human factors.

In our country, the work of the Turkish engineers who fully AVL field important work on this issue and one of the largest automotive engineering companies in the world and Turkey, featured hybrid efforts in developing autonomous vehicle technology is making test autonomous driving.

Other autonomous vehicle technology development company FEV developed in cooperation with Turkey and Kodeco Otomod domestic driverless electric vehicles. Otomod, whose first trials have been conducted, is planned to be used in the near future to provide transportation for pedestrians in a short distance in areas such as universities, hospitals and airports. 4 passenger-capacity vehicles will accelerate to 45km / h.

FEV provides engineering services to automotive industry in the fields of design, simulation, engine / vehicle calibration, software development, hybrid and electric vehicles and autonomous driving systems. KODECO is developing light vehicles with energy-efficient and intelligent features.

Turkey AVL, FEV Turkey and Kodeco congratulate our company, in our country as soon as the semi-autonomous and fully autonomous systems, we expect to pitch.

Ilhami Pektas

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