tesla pickup model cybertrucki introduced
American Car Brands

Tesla Pickup Introduces Cybertruck

American electric car maker Tesla introduced its new model Cybertruck pickup truck last week. The design of the vehicle, the glass was broken during the presentation was the agenda of the first day. In addition to all these, 3 is a thousand 200 per day. [...]

domestic systems in non-drive vehicle technology

Native Systems in Driverless Vehicle Technology

Today, more than one thousand different models of 700 vehicles are produced in more than 3 factories around the world. Only 2 percent of these vehicles are electric. Recently, autonomous driverless autonomous systems operating with artificial intelligence that can control itself with software [...]

Offroad Championship in turkey KahramanMaras

Offroad Championship in Kahramanmaras in Turkey

Metropolitan Municipality and Turkey Offroad Championship 6 institutions in collaboration with other stakeholders. Foot Final Race 30 will be held in Kahramanmaraş between November and 1 December. 100 of Kahramanmaraş's liberation from enemy occupation. Year celebrations on the occasion of Turkey Offroad Championship 6. [...]

goodyear offers new kelly truck tires for sale

Goodyear Launches New Kelly Truck Tires

Goodyear is launching two new truck tires Armorsteel KSM2 and KDM2 series, ideal for budget-oriented fleets, at all dealers. GOODYEAR Armorsteel unveils two new Kelly truck tires from the KSM2 and KDM2 series. The new Kelly series is budget-oriented [...]

the move also brought its expertise in the sector to the oman market

Mobility Moves Its Expertise in the Sector to Oman Market

Motion Project Transportation and Freight Engineering, the leading company in the sector with its technology, expert staff and superior service standards, has also added Duqm Refinery, which is being built in Sultanate of Oman, to the important projects in which it is located. Movement, which is the heavy lifting contractor of the refinery, [...]

breathtaking traction in rallikrosta

Breathtaking Contest in Rallikrosta

2019 Turkey Rallycross Championship final race, short name TOSFED that Turkey Automobile Sports Federation by 24 Sunday, November Bay Race was held at the Circuit ... Bursa and in the elimination races held in Izmir qualified for the finals competition 50 [...]

fillo logistics cleared the shores saying nature is our home

Fillo Logistics 'Nature is Our Home' Cleaned the Coast

Fillo Lojistik has cleaned Kumbaba Beach in Şile within the scope of its social responsibility campaign geliştir Doğa Bizim Evimiz ”. Fillo Logistics General Manager Recep Demir, including Fillo Logistics employees and environmental volunteers participated in the cleaning work 20 bag [...]

isuzu from anatolian isuzu

Anadolu Isuzu Hopeful from 2020

Anadolu Isuzu has the most extensive service network in commercial vehicles in Turkey through its Authorized Sales and service dealers met in Cyprus. Speaking at the meeting where 2019 year was evaluated and 2020 targets were shared, Anadolu Isuzu General Manager Tuğrul Arıkan said: [...]

oyak renault reopened its doors to the families of its employees
French Car Brands

Oyak Renault Reopens Doors to Employees' Families

Turkey's largest carmaker Oyak Renault, the establishment of 50. continues its factory activities with factory trips. Oyak Renault organized the “Family Trips altında organized under the name of“ My Family is My Factory ”and used the latest technologies, [...]

near the end of diesel vehicles

End of Diesel Vehicles Close!

World Health Organization (WHO), which is approved by both the environment and people to harm the diesel engine vehicles, according to laboratory tests emit 10 times more harmful gases emerge, especially in European countries [...]

minister pekcan meets with automotive industry representatives

Minister Pekcan Meets Automotive Sector Representatives

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, Turkey's automotive sector of the economy and high value-added R & D investment, said that they attached great importance to increasing the production and exports. Ministers Pekcan, in Istanbul, Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) held in the Foreign Trade Complex [...]

Hyundai Vision T Concept W

Hyundai's New Stars Show at Fairs

Hyundai, 2019 year with the introduction of new models farewell at the same time revealing the vision of the future. The Vision T Concept, which the brand recently introduced in 2019 AutoMobility LA, gives a clue about the design of future SUV models, especially in Guangzhou. [...]

autocarin digital conversion projects

IDC's 2 Award for Otokar's Digital Transformation Projects

Two projects realized by Otokar, one of the leading automotive and defense industry companies in Turkey, within the scope of digital transformation efforts were awarded by IDC. Otokar presented ID Analytical and Big Data asında in IDC's Artificial Intelligence, Analytical and RPA Technologies competition. [...]