Minister Pekcan Meets Automotive Sector Representatives

minister pekcan meets with automotive industry representatives
minister pekcan meets with automotive industry representatives

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, Turkey's automotive sector of the economy and high value-added R & D investment, said that they attached great importance to increasing the production and exports.

Ministers Pekcan, in Istanbul, Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) held in the Foreign Trade Complex "Automotive Industries Common Mind Workshop" met with the representatives of the sector.

Pekcan, in his speech here, said that the decline in the exports of the automotive sector stemming from the developments in the global economy, said that efforts will be made unanimously to increase exports.

Automotive, indicating that Turkey is a key sector Pekcan, "the industry's R & D investment and high added value, we attach great importance to increasing the production and exports." He said.

Pekcan, uncertainty in Brexit process, possible measures for the automotive industry of the United States, drawing attention to issues such as protection measures in the European Union's steel imports in the global economy against protectionist policies for the protection of Turkey's rights and interests, he said that they had taken all the steps necessary on every platform.

Pekcan emphasized that they give great importance to the suggestions coming from the sector in order to avoid damage to the producers and exporters, and added that “It is important that we act together with all the stakeholders, producers and exporters of the sector with common sense.”

Pekcan mentioned design, new technologies and R & D investments in the automotive sector and said:

Yatırım Investments in new technologies are important, as long as new investments come, let's convince investors together, we are ready to support them. The workshop will also be useful in identifying new strategies and the future roadmap of the sector. We will follow up the outputs with the sector. ”

Topics covered in the workshop

In the workshop, the present and future of the automotive sector, increasing exports and capacity in this area, increasing the share of the sector in the target countries included in the Export Master Plan, improving the competitiveness with more R & D and value-added investments, production and exports should be discussed.

Representatives of the sector stated that they will work with determination and determination under the coordination of the Ministry in order to achieve the determined targets and ensure sustainable growth.

TIM President İsmail Gülle, President of Automotive Industry Exporters Association Baran Çelik and top executives of companies operating in automotive main and sub-industry participated in the workshop.

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