New Style Tesla Model X

New Style: Tesla Model X

Great Tesla MODEL X. A premium SUV that accommodates seven people and creates some panic on the planet. Architecturally similar to Model S (large battery pack, electric motors, aluminum chassis), but not all four Model X [...]

BANTBORU Off Road Team Full Rein
Autonomous Vehicles

BANTBORU Off-Road Team Full Rein

The environmentally friendly Michelin collaborated with Smag and Continental. Developed as part of this collaboration, the smartphone application Rubberway® will map sustainable applications in the natural rubber industry. Michelin, Continental AG and the world's largest tire manufacturer [...]

Isuzu D Max Attended the Festival

Isuzu D-Max Outdoor Attended the Festival

Isuzu, the Powerful Actor of the Land, Attended the D-Max Outdoor Festival. Anadolu Isuzu is one of the sponsors of 14-15 Outdoor Fest 2019 held in September in Istanbul Kilyos. Anadolu exhibited the D-Max racing car and the new Isuzu D-Max competing in the Transanatolia Rally at its booth. [...]

turkey rally on the WRC calendar

WRC Rally of Turkey 2020 Calendar

The FIA ​​World Rally Championship (WRC) 14 calendar, consisting of the 2020 race, was approved by the FIA ​​World Motorsports Council and entered into force. As a result of the arrangements made in the calendar; Spain, Corsica and Australia rallies were removed from the calendar, while Kenya, New Zealand and Japan [...]

classic cars in antaly city tour
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Classic Cars Toured in Antalya

Classic cars toured the city. Off-Road breath stopped. President Bug was part of the excitement. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality organized under the auspices of Turkey's first and only festival began with Hobby Hobby Fest 2019 colorful events. Festival off-road vehicles, classic car [...]