Skoda Produced 750 Thousandth Kodiaq SUV

Skoda Produces Thousandth Kodiaq SUV
Skoda Produced 750 Thousandth Kodiaq SUV

Skoda rolled the 750th Kodiaq SUV off the assembly line at the Kvasiny plant in November.

Representing the beginning of the SUV attack of the Skoda brand in 2016, Kodiaq has been one of the preferred models of the brand since the first day. Kodiaq, which can be preferred as 7-seater or 5-seater, zamAt the same time, it appeals to every customer with its high-performance RS version and L&K version. Short zamReaching a production of 750 thousand units at the moment, Kodiaq was renewed last year and offered for sale.

Alongside the Kodiaq, Skoda set other milestones by producing its four millionth EA211 engine and 15 millionth last-generation transmission in production. EA2012 engines, which have been produced at the Mlada Boleslav factory since 211, are produced by 700 employees in 2 units per day. In addition, Skoda, which produces the 500 millionth current generation transmission, offers durable models to its customers with high production numbers. Skoda manufactures its transmissions in Mlada Boleslav and Vrchlabi. In these facilities, 15 and 5-speed manual as well as automatic transmissions are produced, including VW Group brands.

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