Hyundai Develops Machine Learning Based Cruise Control

hyundai developed machine learning based speed stabilizer
hyundai developed machine learning based speed stabilizer

Hyundai Motor Group continues to contribute to the automotive industry by developing a whole new technology. The new technology speed stabilizer (SCC), developed on the basis of machine learning, features an artificial intelligence (AI) within the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).

The cameras, sensors and sensors placed in the vehicle combine the habits and driving style of the driver into a system and send them to the central computer. distance is adjusted according to the driver's reflexes and usage style.

The driving pattern is also divided into three parts; The distance to the vehicles in front, acceleration and response. The purpose of the computer used in all this scheme is to improve driving pleasure and safety. While Hyundai wants to avoid possible accidents by including this system in its future models, it also focuses on the semi-autonomous driving experience.

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