Online Bus Ticket Purchase Rate Will be 50 Percentage

Online Ticket
Online Ticket

Bus travel continues to be preferred extensively by citizens, even though travel trips such as airplanes and high-speed trains have increased. the rate of digitalization is increasing every year. Stating that the online bus ticket rate is at the level of 5 percent, biletall CEO Yaşar Çelik said, “Due to the safe payment and price advantage, people purchase tickets are rapidly digitalizing. It is predicted that the share of online sales in bus tickets will approach 223 percent in the next five years. ”

The developing technology has also changed our travel habits. While going to the terminals to buy tickets in the past, tickets enter our pocket in the new period. The number of transactions made through such channels is increasing day by day. Bus tickets also got their share from this digitalization. Stating that this number increased even more during busy periods, the CEO of Biletall Yaşar Çelik emphasized that the rate of online sales in some bus companies reached 65 percent during the Ramadan Feast.

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