Auto parts

What is the Timing Belt

The part known as the timing belt or V-belt transmits the movement energy from the crankshaft to the camshaft, opening and closing the valves and circulating the coolant in most engines. [...]

Spark plug
Auto parts

What is the Spark Plug

The spark plug ensures ignition in internal combustion engines. Combustion fuel and air mixture inside the combustion chamber converts the electricity it receives from the battery into a spark and makes the mixture burn. [...]


SCT Support Although Motor Sales

Inflation, increasing and uncertain exchange rates affected automotive sales as well as motorcycle sales negatively. Turkey in general, according to the 29 percent decline in motorcycle sales data this yaşadı.tüik [...]

concrete road work started in seyitgaz

Concrete Road Works Started in Seyitgazi

Turkey's attempted and successful results obtained in various cities 'Concrete Road' application Inonu and positive results starting in the Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, the district administration across the province [...]

mobilization of balikesirde volksvagen

Volksvagen Mobilization in Balıkesir

followed by the automotive giant's investment decisions Volksvagen moved to Turkey Balikesir business. Representatives of the business community of Balıkesir who took action to bring the investment of 2 billion Euros to Balıkesir, [...]

The new Audi Q7
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Audi Q7 2020 Introduced

For the new Q7, Audi made changes to the interior and exterior design instead of changing the chassis. The prices of the new Q7, which will be available as of September, are not yet clear. [...]