Electric Aircraft Alice Introduced

Eviation Aircraft
Eviation Aircraft

Electric Aircraft Alice Introduced; Nine-passenger electric aircraft Alice was introduced. Alice is able to reach a height of 10.000 ft with a full lithium-ion battery and can fly 450 miles at an approximate 650 mileage per hour.


Nowadays, when the car manufacturers introduce their new electric vehicles one by one, the Israeli aircraft manufacturer Eviation, introducing the new electric plane Alice, is an important indicator that the aircraft sector will give more importance to the production of electric vehicles in the automotive sector.

Alice, which is more suitable for short-haul flights, is expected to be launched in 2022. The Firm also has a larger model under development. It is also said that the company has developed a new battery technology for this larger model, which has more range than Alice.

electric aircraft Alice was exhibited at Parisairshow2019.

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