18 square meters Studio Flat for Sale in Izmir Cesme Alaçatı

for sale alacati execution
for sale alacati execution

In İzmir Alaçatı, the property for sale, block 3664, parcel 2, plot 3/60, 1st floor, number 9 has been put up for sale. The property subject to sale is located at the crossroads where Atatürk Boulevard and İnönü Street intersect, a containment wall paved with Alaçatı stone has been built around the parcel, the garden is used as an open car park, the ground floor is used entirely by MİGROS Ticaret AŞ, there are a total of 1 independent sections on the 7st floor, It has been determined that there is a kitchen + WC open for common use on the floor, the independent section No. 9, which is subject to appraisal, has a steel door and is closed, Section B., which can be a precedent with an open door, is used as a dormitory, and the net usage area is approximately 8 m18. According to the information given by the Migros security officer, it was learned that the Independent Section No. 2 was used as a dormitory by the workers.

The real estate located in the center of Alaçatı is within walking distance to shopping centers, schools, places of worship, hotels, sightseeing areas, art and culture areas. The location of the immovable is in a location preferred by high and middle income families due to its socio-economic structure. Access to the 1st Floor is provided through the door on the Left side of the Main Building. The price determination made was calculated by the expert, taking into account its location, transportation situation, technical features, area, being front to the street, zoning status, construction status in the surrounding area, and the prevailing market values ​​in the surrounding area and all factors affecting its value.

izmir alacati for sale from execution

Address : İsmetpaşa Neighborhood, Atatürk Boulevard, Migros Top Floor: 1 No; 1 Interior Door No; 9 Çeşme / İZMİR
Area: 1.782 m2
Land Share : 3/60
Zoning Status: It remains in the area planned as the Central Area in the 1/1000 scale Alaçatı Revision Implementation Zoning Plan. No protrusion can be made in the foreground, including the balcony. Including the 1st floor, it will be reserved for commercial use. Construction NizamI and its Relative; TAKS 0,20; CACS;0,40; Hmax; 6,50 m Distances; Front Garden 5m, Backyard; 5 m, Neighboring distance ;5 m
Value: 350.000,00 TL

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