Karsan Held the World Launch of e-ATA HYDROGEN in Germany!

Karsan e ATA Held the World Launch of HYDROGEN in Germany
Karsan Held the World Launch of e-ATA HYDROGEN in Germany!

Turkey's domestic manufacturer Karsan has added hydrogen fueled e-ATA HYDROGEN to its electric and autonomous product family, where it has achieved numerous successes. Presenting its brand new model to the world at the IAA Transportation Fair on September 19, Karsan has thus started the hydrogen era. The new model, which has already taken its place among the milestones of its history of more than half a century, will carry the pioneering role of the brand that steers electric public transportation to a different dimension in the mobility world of the future. In addition, e-ATA HYDROGEN will be one of the steps that completes Karsan's vision of “One Step Ahead in the Future of Mobility”.

Karsan CEO Okan Baş made a statement regarding the world launch of its new models, “As Karsan, we have once again demonstrated our leading role. We are starting a new era in public transportation by stepping into hydrogen fuel technology. After 5 meters of e-JEST, 6 meters of electric and Autonomous e-ATAK and 8-10-12 meters of e-ATA in the last 18 years, we have now commissioned our hydrogen powered e-ATA vehicle of 12 meters. In this sense, we took another step in sustainable transportation by acting as a pioneer and expanding our product range. With our vision of "One Step Ahead in the Future of Mobility", we developed and introduced our electric hydrogen fuel cell vehicle of the future to the world. With our more than 400 electric vehicles, we are on the road all over Europe, especially in France, Romania, Portugal and Germany. And in the near future, we will grow even more in both European and North American markets with our Karsan electric vehicles.” said.

The low-floor 12-meter e-ATA HYDROGEN can meet the needs of operators in many areas from high range to high passenger carrying capacity. E-ATA HYDROGEN, which has a lightweight composite hydrogen tank with a volume of 1.560 liters located on the ceiling, easily reaches a range of more than 500 km in real usage conditions, that is, when the vehicle is full of passengers and on the stop-and-go line route. With a range of more than 500 km in hydrogen buses, e-ATA HYDROGEN provides the best range in its class. allowed azame-ATA HYDROGEN, which can easily carry over 95 passengers depending on the loaded weight and preferred option features, zamIt also offers best-in-class passenger capacity.

e-ATA HYDROGEN uses a cutting-edge 70 kW fuel cell. In addition, the long-lasting 30 kWh LTO battery, which is positioned as an auxiliary power source in the vehicle, provides more power to the electric motor in difficult road conditions and offers additional range for emergencies. e-ATA HYDROGEN can easily produce 10 kW of power and 12 Nm of torque with the high-performance ZF electric portal axle used in the e-ATA 18-250-22.000, the last members of its electrical product range. The 7-meter e-ATA HYDROGEN, which can be filled with hydrogen in less than 12 minutes, can serve all day without the need for refilling during the day.

The 12-meter e-ATA HYDROGEN has an environmentally friendly carbon dioxide air conditioner and a 100% zero-emission air conditioning system. In addition, advanced driver assistance systems such as mirror camera technology, front collision warning, lane departure warning, blind spot warning, speed limit indicator detection and other technological features can also be selected as options in e-ATA HYDROGEN.

e-ATA HYDROGEN offers a safe travel experience to the driver and passengers thanks to its high-pressure tanks, valves that allow the gas to be evacuated in an emergency, and high-sensitivity sensors that automatically close the system.

e-ATA 12 HYDROGEN manages to be one step ahead of its competitors with its completely low floor, flexible seating arrangement options, different door type options and a driver's cockpit that complies with VDV regulations, which are German public transportation standards.

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