Renovated Fuso Canter Will Carry Turkey's Burden

Renewed Fuso Canter Will Carry The Burden Of Turkey
Renewed Fuso Canter Will Carry The Burden Of Turkey

Fuso Canter, which has achieved significant success in the Turkish commercial vehicle market, where it has been operating for 30 years, has been renewed. Drawing attention with its distinctive front design, high carrying capacity and increased driving comfort, Fuso Canter is preparing to create a great cost advantage for vehicle owners in different sectors such as public, construction, logistics and food, which are the backbone of the Turkish economy.

TEMSA, which draws attention with its important growth moves in the country and abroad recently, introduced the renewed models of Fuso Canter, which it produced in Turkey. Fuso Canter, which has achieved significant success in the Turkish market under the distributorship of TEMSA for the last 30 years, is getting ready to hit the road with its renewed face.


Fuso Canter, one of the leading players in the light truck market, which experienced a contraction of about 2019 percent in 2020 and 40, including the pandemic period, but started to rise again with the steps of normalization, has a total of 8 different models in the truck and pickup truck segments.

Fuso Canter provides a significant cost advantage to vehicle owners with its high carrying capacity and fuel savings that make a difference thanks to its robust structure and low vehicle weight, appreciated by all users.

With its new face bearing technological traces, Fuso Canter draws attention with its daytime running lights and fog lights using LED technology, while it looks aesthetically and fluidly with its short air intake grille and new signal design.

The number one choice of customers looking for comfort with its gusseted driver's seat, Fuso Canter carries passenger vehicle technologies into the cabin with optional touch screen, rear view camera and Apple Carplay equipment.

Fuso Canter, which provides spaciousness and ease of passage in the cabin with the gear lever located on the console, does not tire the driver even during long uses thanks to this ergonomic design.


Making evaluations on the subject, TEMSA CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu stated that they now aim to reinforce the important growth move they have made in recent years, with Fuso Canter, and said, “As TEMSA, we have been in a very important transformation process for the last 2 years. In this process, we strengthen our global growth strategy with the power of our partners Sabancı Holding and Skoda Transportation, while accompanying the economic growth of our country with our buses, midibuses and Fuso Canter. Our 2021 percent growth performance in 122 shows how accurate TEMSA's roadmap for this period is; It shows us how much TEMSA vehicles are owned by customers at home and abroad. Together with the renewed FUSO Canter, we are opening a new page in this growth story. We believe that we will once again demonstrate our success in the commercial vehicle market with our renewed FUSO Canter models.”


Adding that Fuso Canter provides services in different sectors that are the backbone of the Turkish economy, such as public sector, construction, logistics and food, Tolga Doğan Kaancıoğlu also gave the following information about the market: We expect it to be around 3.765 units by the end of the year. This means that the market will exhibit a growth performance approaching 3.5 percent. When we look at FUSO Canter, our market share, which was 10% in 4.400, has exceeded 20% as of today. In other words, we have increased our market share by 2020 percent in the last 9,6 years. But we do not find this sufficient. With our renewed models, our aim is to increase our market share to 16-2 percent in the first place, and then to reach the 66 percent share in 20," he said.


Sharing detailed information about the vehicles, Hakan Koralp, Deputy General Manager of TEMSA Sales and Marketing, said: “Fuso Canter, which has 3,5 different models in a range from 8,5 tons to 7 tons, is more suitable for vehicle owners than its competitors, especially with its high carrying capacity and low vehicle weight. provides a significant cost advantage. In today's economic conjuncture, the cost of ownership has become much more important than the initial investment cost. We also attach great importance to this cost factor in our Fuso Canter vehicles. One of the main reasons we focus on payload is this: A 5% payload difference means an extra vehicle on an average of 20 trips. This is both zamIt creates a significant saving opportunity for vehicle owners on both the time and cost side. In addition, the high maneuverability brought by the optimum turning radius of the vehicles and the ergonomics of the driver's cabin are very important advantages especially for vehicle users. With all these features, we believe that our Fuso Canter vehicles will bring a very new atmosphere to the market.”

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