Increasing Interest in Tours

Increasing Interest in Tours
Increasing Interest in Tours

Group trips can be more attractive than individual vacations. The opportunity to meet more people and see more increases the demand for tours.

With the removal of pandemic measures, the demand for holiday destinations has increased even more.

According to TURKSTAT, tourism revenues in the first quarter of the year increased by 122,4 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and exceeded 5 billion 454 million dollars.

Between January and March, 76,5 percent of tourism income came from foreign nationals and 23,5 percent from citizens living abroad.

The share remaining in our country from package tour expenditures increased by 287,7 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. Tourists' spending on package tours exceeded 602 million dollars.

The sharp increase in demand is not only from foreign tourists. Tour companies say that the interest of those living in Turkey in tour packages has increased.

Evaluating the increase in demand for tour packages trippters.comKaan Alp Can, Chairman of the Board of Directors (YK), said that while the opportunity to socialize is attractive to local tourists, foreign tourists need guidance service more.

Demand is also high from domestic tourists

Those who go on holiday can see the places to visit in the region in a short time with the guidance service. It is also economically advantageous as tour packages include accommodation, transportation and food services.

Stating that packages including distant trips and accommodation are preferred during holidays or other long holidays, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Can said, “Our daily tours are generally attended by the surrounding provinces. Our daily tours are attractive to employees. University students also participate in our tours. Citizens who want to relax and have fun on short holidays such as weekends prefer our daily tours. said.

Noting that there is a high demand for those who want to get away from the city life and breathe fresh air, Kaan Alp Can said, “We offer the unique beauties of the Black Sea to our visitors with the tours we organize from Trabzon.” used the phrases.

Can listed the factors that contributed to this increase in demand.

Opportunity to socialize

According to Trippters Chairman Kaan Alp Can, the most attractive point of tours is meeting people. Those who participate in the tours are usually friends, lovers or spouses. In addition, the frequency of individual participation stands out. Those who come alone or with their friends chat and become friends with other participants.

Guidance service is a great advantage for foreigners

The advantage of tours is not limited to socializing. Guidance and accommodation services in tours are more economical than individual trips.

On the other hand, the guidance service provides great convenience to the participants. Tourists may not have explored the area sufficiently and may have difficulty finding the way. Even if this does not cause the most important points in the region to be visited, zamcan cause loss of time. For this reason, the guide service becomes a very important element for foreign tourists.

The guides in the tours guide the tourists in the best way and eliminate these problems.

see more places

According to the feedback received from the participants, another factor that increases the demand for tours is the opportunity to travel more.

Can said, “Our tours are by buses. Traveling by bus, we provide travelers with the opportunity to see more sights.” said.

Kaan Alp Can states that bus journeys are spent with conversations, “Although some of our trips take a long time, those who come to have fun do not understand how the time passes here.” recorded his words.

It is possible to travel all over Turkey by bus

Stating that there is a high demand for tours departing from the big cities of the Black Sea, Can said, “We have trips to near and far regions. For example, the options in our tours departing from Samsun can include the highlands of the Black Sea, as well as the ancient cities of the Aegean.”


Can, Chairman of the Board of Trippters, stated that tour packages are also a reason for preference in terms of economy.

Expressing that the demand for holiday services has increased with the end of the Kovid-19 measures, Kaan Alp Can said, “Most of the tour packages we offer include bus, accommodation and food services. This is more economical for our citizens who want to travel.” recorded his words.


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