Two New Concepts from Audi for Design Week

Two New Concepts from Audi for Design Week
Two New Concepts from Audi for Design Week

Just as Italy comes to mind when it comes to style and style in the world, Milan is the first city that comes to mind when it comes to design. Hosting the International Design Week every year, Milan proves how right it is to hold this title. Audi introduced its mobility vision at this year's Milan Desin Week, where new products and ideas are presented to shape the design of today and the future.

Audi presented its vision for the mobility concept of the future at the Milan Deign Week. Panels and meetings on sustainability were also held at the event, which was held in a special area called The House of Progress, which is located in the historical Medelan building and also fits with the brand's Living Progress philosophy.

Design and important topics of the day

Considering sustainability as one of the most important issues facing the world and taking responsibility in this field, Audi has discussed how people can live in a sustainable way, how design is related to this issue and what role Audi will play in this sense. shared topics. Acting on the fact that design takes place in every aspect of life and affects life in many ways, Audi also demonstrated the harmony of modern design with traditional craftsmanship at Milan Design Week.

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Two concepts showcased for the first time

Within the framework of Design Week, Audi also made the debut of two concept models that offer an aesthetic design language and a human-oriented living space: the Audi grandsphere concept and the Audi A6 Avant e-tron concept. The 5,35-metre-long Audi grandsphere concept combines elegance, fun and autonomous driving, while the A6 Avant e-tron concept marks Audi's future electrified A6 Luxury Class.

Audi, cooperation with furniture manufacturer

At the events, Audi also gave clues about the projects they will realize with Polform company, with which they collaborated on the interior design of the Audi grandsphere concept model. This concept model, which has the largest interior space that Audi has developed to date, was designed especially according to the wishes of potential customers in China for urban metropolitan centers.

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