Huobi Best Invite Code: hynz3223

huobi referral code
huobi referral code

Huobi reference code, is a code that can be used when registering on the Huobi exchange. Invitation codes provide a discount on transaction fees as well as other benefits. Registered with reference code hynz3223 zamNow you can take advantage of these discounts. The Huobi Invitational program is one of the great reward referral programs available. Huobi offers a program that gives up to 50% Cash Back + 30% commission discount on every referral.

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  2. Huobi best invite code: hynz3223

About Huobi

Huobi is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms. It was originally known as a Singapore-based exchange founded in China and founded by Leon Li. In addition, the service team also operates in Singapore, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Brazil and Hong Kong in order to offer their services to millions of users in more than 130 countries.

One of its most comprehensive offerings is that Huobi Global is a global crypto exchange that supports hundreds of cryptocurrencies and has more than 15 fiat currencies. There is also a Huobi coin (HT), which is ranked in the top 100 currencies by market capitalization.

History of Huobi Exchange

Huobi was founded as a global cryptocurrency exchange in Beijing and has moved its headquarters to Singapore after a full-fledged ban on crypto trading platforms in the Chinese market. Hong Kong, USA, South Korea, Japan, Russia etc. It has offices in many countries, including, and serves more than 130 million active users in more than 3 countries.

Huobi was founded in China by Leon Li, a former Oracle engineer.

The exchange has earned more than $4 billion in turnover just three months after its debut. Huobi has made a name for itself as Asia's largest digital asset exchange, quadrupling its turnover by 2014.

According to Huobi's filings, the exchange reported a turnover of $2016 billion in 247, which is almost half of the global cryptocurrency exchange market at the time.

Huobi is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms with an impressive trading volume of $2,3 trillion. Huobi Global is making a name for itself as one of the best crypto exchanges according to the ranking made by Coinmarketcap.

Features of Huobi

  • P2P market
  • Corporate trading accounts
  • margin trading
  • Derivative Transactions
  • 7/24 customer support

Its key features are:

Simple User Interface

Huobi Global has one of the easiest user interfaces, allowing new users to navigate the website easily. The trading interface includes market and pricing data sources, charts and analytical tools, etc. contains.

Additionally, the website supports a Tradingview function where users can plot or use their favorite indicators. The platform supports multiple languages.

Multiple Order Types:

The exchange offers the following order types:

  • limited order
  • Market order
  • Stop Limit Order

How to Register on Huobi Exchange?

  1. First of all, the Huobi sign-up button must be pressed.
  2. Email password and other details must be entered.
  3. with Huobi Invitation code hynz3223 must be entered.
  4. It is useful to enter the referral code to get discount, registration bonus and cashback.

Huobi KYC Transactions

Before verifying, the following should be considered:

  • A user must use a passport, ID or driver's license to verify their identity.
  • The user's name and country must match the person's ID.
  • Huobi accepts JPG or PNG as image format.
  • The credentials should be visible and the image should not be more than 5Mb.

The following steps must be followed to complete the verification:

  1. To start the verification, you must first log into the Huobi account.
  2. Then the profile icon must be pressed followed by the identity option.
  3. The type of document you want to upload must be selected.
  4. Then the document image should be loaded considering the above points.
  5. Face verification must also be completed after installation.
  6. Finally, Huobi, verification will take place within 24 hours after the person submits all documents correctly.

Pros of Huobi Exchange

  • It has quality customer service.
  • Strong liquidity is available for investors.
  • Huobi, due to hacking zammoment the user did not lose their funds. There was no reported hacking incident.
  • There is a wide variety of different crypto assets available for trading on the platform.

Cons of Huobi Exchange

  • In the past, Huobi has faced accusations of forging trade volume data.
  • Huobi has decided to cease operations for US customers in 2019.

Is Huobi Safe?

As far as is known, it is safe. Huobi is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges since 2013 and it zamIt has an excellent reputation at the moment.

Huobi has the latest security features for exchanges where client funds are kept in special multi-signature cold wallets and 7/24 system monitoring. The exchange also has a 20.000 BTC security reserve fund.

There have been a few incidents over the years that caused customers to lose a small amount of money, but the company quickly took steps against it and fully refunded them.

How to Deposit to Huobi?

Users have the option to deposit cryptocurrencies or fiat. Currently, Huobi only supports some fiat currencies for deposit, including USD, EUR and RUB. Also, to deposit the amount in fiat, users are required to complete KYC verifications.

Here are the steps to deposit fiat money:

  1. Log in to your Huobi account and click on balances.
  2. When the balances are opened, the change account must be entered in the menu.
  3. The currency in which you want to deposit money must be selected and click on the deposit option on the right of the preferred currency.
  4. Then the payment mode must be selected and the amount entered. Advanced verification must be completed if the limit is desired to be increased.
  5. Click next and the process should be completed.

What is Huobi Token (HT)?

Huobi Token was first launched in 2018 with a total supply of 500 million. Most of the Huobi token was for User Rewards and Platform operations. The main reason HT was exported was to recover after Chinese pressure.

With HT tokens, you can:

  • This reduces transaction fees on the Huobi exchange.
  • There is also a use case for the HECO blockchain.
  • Finally, it is a voting system for stock market listings.

Huobi Mobile App

Two Huobi apps are available. These are Huobi Pro and Huobi Wallet.

Huobi Pro App

It covers almost all the features. It is a version of the Huobi Global web platform available for both iOS and Android devices.

With the Huobi app, users can:

  • They can make full use of Huobi.
  • They can buy cryptocurrencies instantly using different payment methods and P2P.
  • They can deposit using the “Scan QR Code” method with ERC20, TRC20, HECO or OMINI deposit chains.
  • They can use the Grid Trading bot.
  • They can trade with leverage in Futures or margin Trading.
  • They can save money.
  • They can protect their portfolio and increase their security from the settings.

Huobi Wallet

Huobi Wallet app is a wallet with a large number of crypto networks and crypto assets. Android and iOS version are available.

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