motobike istanbul 2020 preparations started

Motobike Istanbul 2020 Preparations Started!

Motobike Istanbul, 20-23 The most comprehensive activity of the motorcycle and bicycle sector in the region is 2020 between February 12. times preparing to open the doors. Organized by Messe Frankfurt Istanbul [...]

iett to support itu s driverless vehicle project

IETT to Support ITU's Driverless Vehicle Project

IETT General Directorate will support the driverless vehicle project that Istanbul Technical University plans to develop together with its international stakeholders. IETT General Directorate, one of the affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), [...]

kordsaya pirellden best supplier award

Pirelli 'Best Supplier Award' to Kordsa

Kordsa received the İyi Best Supplier ”award as a result of Pirelli's evaluation in terms of global prevalence and service level criteria. Kordsa, within the scope of the assessment made by Pirelli “ [...]