Chevrolet logo x
Chevrolet logo x
LogoChevrolet logo
FounderLouis Chevrolet
William C. Durant
HeadquartersDetroit, Michigan, USA
Slogan“Find New Roads”
OwnerGeneral Motors
About usChevrolet, or Chevy for short, is a division of General Motors. It is one of the most popular GM brands. In the North American market in 2005, Chevrolet sold its main competitor Ford for the first time in 19 for the first time in a year and once again became the best-selling brand in the US.

It was first introduced in 1913 by Mr. Durant. Some have rewarded Mr. Louis as the only creator who united the design of the Swiss cross, while others claimed it was Durant, who designed the Chevy logo and was inspired by a fascinating idea. The logo is said to have been inspired by the wallpaper it sees in a French hotel.

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