Postpones decision in the Volkswagen factory turkiyede
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Volkswagen Factory Postpones Decision on Turkey

The German economy newspaper, according to information from the close circles of the German car company, announced the beginning of October the decision to open a factory in Manisa suspended. Fountain of Peace organized by the Euphrates in the east of Turkey while the Operations, Western states that represents the interests of the region, [...]

iett to support itu s driverless vehicle project
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IETT to Support ITU's Driverless Vehicle Project

IETT General Directorate will support the driverless vehicle project that Istanbul Technical University plans to develop together with its international stakeholders. IETT General Directorate, one of the affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), is an environmentally sensitive, alternative energy source that makes urban life easier. [...]

Michelin 'Right Air Pressure' events started

Michelin 'Right Air Pressure' events started

Traditionally organized by Michelin every year, the Doğru Accurate Air Pressure etkinlik activities continue this year. In the 4 organization in Turkey that took place in the provinces, drivers are told the importance of correct air pressure in tires for safe driving. Michelin's 2004 [...]

New Style Tesla Model X

New Style: Tesla Model X

Great Tesla MODEL X. A premium SUV that accommodates seven people and creates some panic on the planet. Architecturally similar to Model S (large battery pack, electric motors, aluminum chassis), but not all four Model X [...]