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What is the Render Service?

Rendering service is known as the processing of a particular model drawn and developed using a computer by using different programs and then turning this model into a picture or video and extracting it in this way. Complete the rendering [...]

Tips for the best use of Pirellid winter tires

Tips for the Most Accurate Use of Winter Tires from Pirelli

Pirelli has shared suggestions that offer drivers tips for using winter tires in the most correct way, now that the winter is starting to make itself felt. The company also conveyed to customers the hygiene measures taken at authorized dealers during the tire change period. When winter is at the door [...]

Disa Otomotiv increases its capacity with new investments
59 Tekirdag

Disa Otomotiv Increases Its Capacity with New Investments

disaotomotiv which is one of Turkey's most important international manufacturers in the automotive spare parts production, despite his pandemics in 2020 with an investment of 2.500.000 million euros, Adolescents, took off his gear production capacity of the factory in Tekirdag tripled. With new breakthroughs in 2016 [...]

Reducing Costs in Repairing Hail Damaged Vehicles
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Reducing Costs in Repairing Hail Damaged Vehicles

While the hail disaster throughout Istanbul prompted vehicle owners to review the coverage of their insurance, the importance of corporate companies in hail repair once again became clear. Value for damaged vehicles filled with Auto King Unpainted Body Dent Repair (PDR) [...]

Anadol STC-16 Technical Specifications

Anadol STC-16 Technical Specifications

Anadol STC-16 is an Anadol model whose first prototype was developed in 1972 and was produced only between 1973 and 1975. STC-16 was designed by Eralp Noyan. Thus, after the Revolution, designed in 1961, designed and produced in Turkey and held the first mass production [...]