Forklift Tubeless Tires

Forklift Tubeless Tires

The tire structures in which the steel wires in the body that make up the tire, including the forklift tire, form an angle of 90 degrees from one bead to the other, with respect to the tire centerline, are called radial tubeless tires. Traditional pneumatic tire designs, [...]

Maintenance suggestions for vehicles in spring

Maintenance Recommendations for Vehicles in Spring

Delphi Technologies, which develops future-oriented solutions for automotive equipment manufacturers under the roof of BorgWarner, listed the maintenance suggestions for vehicles that will be on the road more with the arrival of spring. Delphi Technologies experts to ensure the vehicles are ready for long journeys [...]

Vehicle searches increased during sahur in Ramadan

Most Wanted Used Vehicle Brands During Ramadan

According to data, interest in the vehicle category during sahur hours in April increased by 247% compared to before Ramadan. The most advertised vehicle category of April was Automobile, while Minivan & Panelvan, Land / SUV & Pick-up, Commercial [...]

automotive exports were billion dollars in april

Turkey's Automotive Export Was 2,5 Billion Dollars In April

The automotive industry, which has been the export champion of the Turkish economy on a sectoral basis for the last 15 years, showed a three-digit increase in April exports due to the base effect. According to Uludağ Automotive Industry Exporters' Association (OİB) data, the Turkish automotive industry was 313 percent in April. [...]

women have fewer traffic accidents than men

Women Have 25 Percent Fewer Traffic Accidents Than Men

Turkey's first free-roaming car sharing brand, MOOV, shared information about the traffic accidents experienced in rentals in order to draw attention to the Road Safety and Traffic Week and to remind the importance of obeying the traffic rules. Contrary to popular belief, 25 percent of women compared to men [...]

ASELSAN's plate recognition system got geko tse certificate

ASELSAN Plate Recognition System Receives GEKO + TSE Certificate

The License Plate Recognition System (GEKO +), which has proven itself in ASELSAN's security, traffic and smart transportation projects, achieved a success in the process of compliance with Turkish Standards and received the Certificate of Conformity with Turkish Standards. Our local and national License Plate Recognition System GEKO + [...]

New label application on vehicle tires begins May

New Label Application on Vehicle Tires Starts on May 1

The new regulation on tire labels is equivalent to EU countries from 1 May 2021 zamIt will be implemented in our country immediately. The regulation prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Technology; It was published in the Official Gazette numbered 31457 and dated 17 April 2021 [...]