Bursa Burulaş Will Receive 67 Workers

Bursa Burulaş 67 Workers Will Receive: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality BURULAŞ 67 Personnel Recruitment Announcement Positions for Recruitment: 1 Human Resources Officer, 35 Parking Lot Officer, 25 Bus Driver, 5 Bus Maintenance Officer and 1 Information Technology [...] [...]


İŞKUR to Recruit a Guard

Turkey Business Council is being done by the caretaker intake in some special sections for the various institutions of the province. Compared to the announcements published, in the special category ... [...]


TCDD will recruit personnel

Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways Administration will make recruiting staff to employ in-house. The Republic of Turkey State Railways Administration is making every second of recruiting staff to fill the Directorate General of available quota. With Turkey Business Association [...]



TCDD Eskisehir 2. The Regional Directorate will employ 5 workers according to KPSS results. According to the statement made by TCDD, candidates who score 93 and above in KPSSP60 scores can apply to the institution. Applicants will be railing of vocational high schools [...]


Job Advert: TCDD Isparta Trainers

TCDD Isparta Trainers' Procurement Announcement This workforce request has been announced in İŞKUR's ISPARTA PROVINCIAL DIRECTORATE OF WORK AND BUSINESS INSTITUTION. TCDD OPERATION DIRECTORATE (GÜMÜŞGÜN STATION COMPANY) (ISPARTA) Application deadline: 07 December 2012 Submission [...]