new citroen c in turkey

New Citroen C4 is now in Turkey!

Citroën introduced the new C4 model, which made an assertive entry into the compact hatchback class, in Turkey with 4 different engines and 4 different equipment options. With its unique design, technological features far beyond its segment and high-level comfort [...]

nouvelle vague renault reshapes its passions

Nouvelle Vague Reshapes Renault Passions

Renault Talk, a completely digital and exclusive to Renault event, took place on May 6th. Renault Group CEO Luca de Meo and Renault brand team shared the brand's vision: Leading the way in cutting-edge technology and services, [...]

citroen berlingo advantageous with both loan and cash purchase

May Campaign for Citroen Commercial Vehicle Models

Citroën attracts attention with its special campaigns for commercial vehicle models in May, offering appropriate purchasing options. Within the scope of the loan campaign offered with the advantage of PSA Finans; Citroën Berlingo model family, the most ambitious vehicle of its class with its modular design, [...]

wec pilots preferred peugeot engineeredi

WEC Pilots Prefer 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered

PEUGEOT's World Endurance Championship (WEC) pilots were the first customers to get behind the wheel of the high-performance 508 PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED. Loïc Duval, Kevin Magnussen, Paul Di Resta, Mikkel Jensen, Gustavo Menezes and James Rossiter, a unique driving experience [...]

renault group announced its new mission

Renault Group Announces New Mission

Groupe Renault shared its new mission with its shareholders at the annual General Meeting held on April 23rd. Constructed with all employees, in consultation with stakeholders and approved by the Board of Directors, the mission is the goal of the Group's project in France and the world. [...]

xceed will mark automotive production

XCEED Will Leave Its Mark in Automotive Production

XCEED stands out as a blockchain solution to document the suitability of the components of a vehicle used in the European automotive industry from design to production. IBM business by XCEED, Faurecia, Groupe Renault, Knauf Industries Automotive Simoldes and Coşkunöz Metal Form [...]

symbol of renault is replaced by taliant

Renault Symbol Replaces Taliant

After Renault, renewed logos and models, Taliant, the last representative of the expanding product family, is now getting ready to take the stage. Tailant, which will replace Renault Symbol, is expected to bring a new breath to the B Sedan segment. Tailant, in mid-2021 in Turkey [...]

groupe renault announces new strategic plan renaulution

Groupe Renault Announces New Strategic Plan Renaulution

Groupe Renault CEO Luca de Meo announced the “Renaulution”, a new strategic plan aimed at shifting Groupe Renault's goals from volume to value, following the approval of the Board of Directors. This strategy plan consists of 3 phases initiated in parallel with each other: "The Resurrection", until 2023. [...]

Renault DEZIR

Renault Concept Models of the Future

Concept models introduced at auto shows give clues about the cars that brands plan to produce in the future. While these cars shape the future of travel, they dazzle with their incredible features and extraordinary looks. Electric concept revealing Renault's vision for mobility [...]

Renault has high quality new and refurbished engine with cape turkiyede

New Renault Captur in Turkey!

More dynamic exterior design, interior space is approaching New Cap with high quality and refreshed engine range to high-end road off to Turkey. The model, which offers the highest level of customization options to its user, with its technological revolution and powerful SUV lines [...]

Two New Electric Models from Renault

Two New Electric Models from Renault

Groupe Renault unveiled two new electric cars Renault Megane eVision and Dacia Spring at Renault eWays as part of its commitment to be carbon neutral in Europe by 2050. Groupe Renault within the scope of Renault eWays events between 15-27 October, [...]