First Otokar ARMA 8x8 Order from Africa

First Otokar ARMA 8 × 8 Order from Africa

Turkey's leading land systems manufacturer, Otokar about 110 million USD in Armada and 8 × 8 wheeled armored vehicles, Cobra II tactical received an order of the countries in Africa. The first Arma 8 × 8 order received from Africa [...]

BMC Tulga

BMC Armored Pickup TULGA Model Has Been Displayed

In the statement made by BMC Board Member Taha Yasin Öztürk, the final version of the BMC Armored Pickup TULGA Model was displayed. Taha Yasin Ozturk, "we have produced, taking into account the needs of our internal security staff during this difficult period we live in Turkey, [...]

Unmanned Military Vehicle Tosun

Unmanned Military Vehicle Tosun Introduced

Unmanned Military Vehicle Tosun Introduced. The Defense Industry Presidency (SSB) introduced Tosun, the unmanned and armored vehicle manufactured by Best Group from its official twitter account. In addition, technical information and video about Unmanned Military Vehicle Tosun were shared in the promotion. Especially [...]

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Volvo Unveils New Military Vehicle Scarabee

Volvo Unveils New Military Vehicle Scarabee; Volvo announced the new military vehicle Scarabee, which attracts attention with its features. Swedish car manufacturer, light military vehicle in the design of the vehicle class speed, privacy and high maneuverability, such as [...]