Haomo and ByteDance Focus on Autonomous Autonomous Driving

Haomo and ByteDance Focus on Autonomous Suruse
Haomo and ByteDance Focus on Autonomous Autonomous Driving

TikTok owner ByteDance and newly founded Haomo have officially started the process of creating a new infrastructure for autonomous car construction within the world's largest car market.

Haomo is owned by Wei Jianjun, Chairman of Great Wall Motor. Together with ByteDance, the two companies want to create China's largest account center for autonomous driving, or self-driving cars. The aim of the initiative is to accelerate the adoption of self-driving cars in China. This account center, known as Mana Oasis, was opened on January 5, 2023 by Volcano Engine, an IT company owned by Haomo and ByteDance.

The world's second largest economy is thus equipped with a huge infrastructure in this area. Volcano Engine President Tan Dai announced during a press conference in Beijing that this project will make China take a leap forward in the development of autonomous driving technologies. On the other hand, both companies hope this new infrastructure will accelerate the commercialization of autonomous vehicles. In this context, China is expected to be the world's largest autonomous vehicle market, with 2035 million automated vehicles to be put on the road by 5,7.

The Mana Oasis has a total computing power of 670 petaflops (1 petaflop equals 1 quadrillion flops or one thousand teraflops; the flop is a computer operating unit), according to an official statement from Haomo. This indicates that Mana Oasis has a higher computing power than any other account center in China.

Founded in Beijing in 2019, Haomo already sells its own technologies and autonomous vehicles in China. Now the company's teaming up with Volcano Engine reflects the perspectives that these new technologies will gain even more popularity in China. In fact, for several months, Beijing has allowed autonomous vehicles to circulate in a pilot zone of the capital. In addition, Shenzhen is another city that allocates a pilot zone to such vehicles.

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