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What is the Winter Tire Application? Zamthe moment begins
What is Winter Tire Application Zammoment begins

With the decision of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the winter tire application, which makes it mandatory to wear winter tires on vehicles used for passenger and goods transport on intercity highways, will start as of December 1st.

In the statement made by the Tire Manufacturers and Importers Association (LASİD), it was recommended to use winter tires not only in commercial vehicles that are within the scope of obligation, but also in all vehicles for a safe and smooth traffic, by pointing to the application that will continue for 1 months until April 2023, 4.

LASID Secretary General Erdal Kurt, whose views were included in the statement, emphasized that winter tire preparations should be completed without waiting for snowfall.

Stating that winter tires contribute to driving and life safety against weather conditions that differ due to climatic changes and accordingly changing road conditions, Kurt said, “Winter tires; It does not harden at temperatures below +7 degrees and maintains its grip on the ground and increases driving safety on wet, muddy or snowy surfaces. Due to these features, it contributes to the safety and fluency of common traffic against possible risks that may arise from weather and road conditions. It is useful to underline that winter tires are not snow tires, do not wait for snow to switch to winter tires. We recommend that all our drivers complete their winter tire preparations before December 1, not only for commercial vehicles but also for private vehicles.

'Traffic is our common area'

Kurt stated that they have come a long way in terms of winter tires and that there has been a widespread awareness in the society, and continued as follows: “Traffic is the common area for all of us. Just as a conscious vehicle owner regularly performs vehicle maintenance and routine checks before going on the road, taking into account the climate and weather conditions of the region, using winter tires for a safer driving is also a part of this awareness. As LASID, we continue our efforts to develop this awareness at every opportunity and to increase awareness in all areas of society.

Everyone should be conscious of protecting your life, the lives of your loved ones in your vehicle and other people in the traffic, instead of thinking about the mandatory expense you will make for winter tires. If we all take responsibility for the common traffic and take precautions, we will ensure a smooth and safe traffic that protects the health of everyone in the traffic.'”

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