TOGG CEO Karakaş: 'The Model That The Public Can Reach Will Come In 2027'

TOGG CEO Karakas Will Also Come In A Model That The Public Can Reach
TOGG CEO Karakaş 'Model Accessible to the Public Will Come in 2027'

Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş stated that the first vehicle to be offered for sale will be offered to the market at the same price as the cars in the C-SUV class, and that they plan to introduce the model in the B-SUV class, which he said will be 'more accessible', 5 years later.

Gürcan Karakaş, CEO of the domestic car Togg, made statements about the curious about the vehicle.

Answering Emre Özpeynirci's questions from Gazete Window, Karakaş said, Referring to the production plans for the vehicle for 2023 and beyond, he said, “With the first investment of 1.8 billion Euros, we will reach an annual production capacity of 100 thousand units. As a result of an investment of 3.5 billion Euros, our annual production capacity will increase to 2030 units in 175. We aimed to produce a maximum of 2023 thousand units in 20, when we will put our first model on sale. Production will increase exponentially in 2024 and 2025, with 2026 different models (C-SUV, C-Sedan and CX Coupe) to produce 3 thousand units per year in 100, and 2030 thousand units per year with 5 models (B-SUV and C-MPV will be added) in 175. We will reach the production of units. The total number of vehicles we will produce from March 2023 to the end of 2030 will reach 1 million.”


Expressing that the export will start approximately 18 months after the vehicle is put on sale in the domestic market, Karakaş said, “A brand that is not successful in its own country cannot be successful abroad. Let's prove that we are successful in our own country first, and then we will focus on exports. We aim to export 10 percent of the total production. In other words, when we reach the production of 100 thousand units, we will export 10 thousand of them”.


“What is Togg's model that more people can reach? zamAnswering the question “we will see a moment”, Karakaş pointed to 5 years later.

Karakaş said, “Yes, those who can buy a vehicle in the C-SUV class will reach the first model today. This is our goal. C-Sedan and CX Coupe will be models on the same platform and in the same segment. So the prices will be close to each other. The more accessible model you mentioned, yes, will be the B-SUV class model, which is planned to be commissioned in 2027. We will create a brand new platform for this model starting from 2025.”


Karakaş said, “According to the Incentive Certificate published in the Official Gazette on December 27, 2019, the total number of vehicles that the public will purchase from Togg is 15 thousand in 30 years.” This shows that approximately 2 thousand vehicles will be purchased by individual users in 2023.


Reminding that mass production started on October 29, Karakaş explained why the end of March is waiting for sales as follows:

“We actually started trial production in Gemlik in July. As of October 29, we send the vehicles we produce on the mass production line to accredited test centers abroad for certification and homologation processes. The cars are subject to 16 different tests, 92 of which are new regulations. The number of vehicles sent to the test will be 165 by the end of December. Vehicles will complete their tests and receive type approvals. Following the receipt of European type approvals, mass production for the user will begin with the arrival of orders. At the end of March, the Togg model will be on the roads. It is out of the question for us to produce vehicles for sale before the tests are over. Regulations are constantly changing.”


Stating that the price of Togg will be announced in February, Karakaş claimed that all pre-orders will start to be taken online as of February 2023, individual users will have priority in pre-orders and will be delivered during the same year.


Karakaş made the following statement regarding what to do after the sale: “First of all, there will not be a dealership system because there is no after-sales revenue model that keeps dealers alive in electric vehicles. In other words, internal combustion vehicles will go to the service at least 2 times a year, while electric vehicles will not go for maybe 2 years. So the business model is changing. We will sell all vehicles online. I think the Turkish people are ready for this. We will already have experience centers to see, examine, touch and test vehicles. We will open these centers at 2023 points in 12 and more than 2025 points in 35. It will be predominantly in metropolitan areas. After sales, we will provide service at 2023 fixed and 25 mobile points in 8, and at more than 2025 fixed and 30 mobile points in 40. We will also have flexible delivery points. These can be experience centers and after-sales, or as home delivery.”

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