Rallycross Champions Determined in Gulf

Rallycross Champions Determined in the Bay
Rallycross Champions Determined in Gulf

Organized by the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED) with the main sponsorship of ICRYPEX, the 2022 Turkish Rallycross Championship final race was held at the Körfez Racetrack with the participation of 4 athletes in 17 different categories.

At the end of the races run on the 1500 meters long rallycross track, Ali İşeri won the first place in Category 1, while Burak Dalkılıç came in second.

In Category 2, Burak Title from Castrol Ford Team Turkey came first, Mert Yudulmaz came in second, and Levent Acar came in third. While the top three rankings in Category 3 were Halid Avdagiç, Gürkal Menderes and Serkan Güleç from GP Garage My Team, Çağlayan Çelik won the first place in Category 4 and Ali Çatalbaş from GP Garage My Team won the second place.

The organization, which was followed with interest and enthusiasm by a large audience, was colored by the drift performances of Timur Pomak, Uğur Soylu, Ömer Örs, Abbas Çimen, Hande Tancar and Farnoush Rezaei.

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