Modoko Home Decoration Products and Furniture Groups

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Modoko Home Decoration Products and Furniture Groups

With its first-class raw material, it offers the elegance in your comfort areas and the same zamMacitler Furniture, which provides ergonomics at the same time, is a large company that carries out decoration projects both in our country and in the country. Macitler Furniture, which reflects the ergonomics in your comfort areas with its interior architecture service and introduces Turkish furniture to the world, is a furniture company that is listed in the list of the world's top quality furniture brands. zamIt is also an employment center.

Macitler Furniture, which closely follows world trends and realizes excellent decoration projects by adapting these world trends to our country, has succeeded in producing completely personalized designs by producing its own collections since its establishment.

Macitler Furniture is at Modoko

Home decoration Macitler Furniture, which creates personalized decoration projects for furniture and furniture groups, zamIt brings together sudden furniture models with modernity and minimalism. One of Turkey's largest furniture bazaars Modoko Macitler Furniture, exhibiting its products in the Furniture House, dining room set, sofa sets and many other furniture groups are produced specially for you.

dining room set
dining room set

Macitler Furniture for award-winning dining room sets

Macitler is a big company that has received awards for its specially prepared decoration projects and especially for the dining room set models. You can visit Modoko store for customizable furniture models and Macitler Dining Room Set models that can be changed individually and individually. zamAt the same time, you can get the opportunity to get detailed information from interior architects.


Modern Furniture Company; Macitler Furniture

Serdal Macit, one of Turkey's largest furniture companies Macitler FurnitureIn addition to being the owner of .

serdal macit

Serdal Macit, who plays a role in every stage of Macitler Furniture company from its establishment to its current form, and offers us ergonomics by combining modern furniture and Turkish decoration, continues to work for Macitler Furniture, where institutionalism and service have reached an important point.

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