Hyundai Establishes a New Battery Factory in America

Hyundai Establishes a New Battery Factory in America
Hyundai Establishes a New Battery Factory in America

Hyundai Motor Group continues its activities and investments in the field of mobility at full speed. Constantly sharing new technology and future plans, Hyundai has now announced a new facility investment of 5,5 billion dollars. Thanks to this special investment, which is closely related to Hyundai and other brands in the group, the production capacity of electric vehicles will also increase.

Hyundai is preparing to dominate the American market, especially with its battery factory named "Hyundai Motor Group Metaplant America". Thanks to this investment, EV vehicles will be produced more consistently, and a significant improvement will be made in the supply chain. With this factory it plans to establish, Hyundai will have created more than 8.100 business lines in a few years. The new factory is expected to start commercial production in the first half of 2025. In addition, suppliers will invest more than $1 billion in connection with the project.

Hyundai Motor Group Chairman of the Board Euisun Chung, regarding the factory to be established; “Today our electric cars are considered best-in-class, and with this investment, we are committed to becoming the world leader in electrification, safety, quality and sustainability. “With Hyundai Motor Group Metaplant America, we want to be the world's leading provider of mobility solutions, beyond being an automaker.”

Hyundai aims to sell more than 2030 million all-electric (BEV) vehicles annually by 3 globally. The South Korean brand has created a stable EV supply to meet this goal, while at the same time zamIt also plans to establish a global EV manufacturing network at the same time. With its new battery factory, Hyundai has set its sights on the top as one of the top three EV providers in America. In this context; It will organically link all elements of the EV ecosystem for a premium customer experience in the new factory to be established. Hyundai's new Georgia facility will feature a highly interconnected, automated and flexible production system. All production processes, order picking, procurement and logistics will be controlled using artificial intelligence so that the innovative production system will best coordinate the human and robotic workforce.

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