Electric ISUZU NovoCiti VOLT Successfully Completes Turkey Test Tour

Electric ISUZU Successfully Completes NovoCiti VOLT Turkey Test Round
Electric ISUZU NovoCiti VOLT Successfully Completes Turkey Test Tour

Turkey's commercial vehicle brand Anadolu Isuzu continues its promotional activities for municipalities, transportation operators and transportation cooperatives for its 100% electric and zero-emission bus NovoCiti VOLT, which is highly appreciated in foreign markets, especially in France. The four-city test tour event for NovoCiti VOLT was completed with full points from the participants in all cities it visited.

At the events within the scope of the test tour, the advantages of the fully electric, zero-emission, quiet and environmentally friendly NovoCiti VOLT in public transportation, especially for municipalities, were explained. In the events, the unrivaled advantages of NovoCiti VOLT were conveyed on both a practical and technical level, while the participants were able to experience 100 percent electric vehicle driving with test drives.

NovoCiti VOLT test tour organization was held in the cities of Manisa, Antalya, Kayseri and İzmir. NovoCiti VOLT has received great appreciation from the transportation departments of the metropolitan and local municipalities of these cities, as well as the top managers of public transportation units, as well as the top managers and representatives of professional organizations providing public transportation and transportation services such as the drivers' association and transportation cooperatives. NovoCiti VOLT, which impresses with its superior features in the 100 percent electric bus class, which is a new category in the automotive industry, has achieved great success since it was put on sale as the pride of Anadolu Isuzu and Turkey. NovoCiti Volt was most recently awarded in the “Transportation” category at the ABC Design Award, one of the world's most prestigious design competitions.

One hundred percent electric NovoCiti VOLT: The most environmentally friendly, smart, quiet option in public transportation

Anadolu Isuzu, in line with its R&D and sustainability vision, attaches special importance to the production of fully electric and alternative fuel vehicles with features such as zero emission, silence and comfort demanded by world municipalities. The NovoCiti VOLT fully electric bus, produced by Anadolu Isuzu as the pioneer of its sector, is highly appreciated in the world for its zero emission advantage, superior safety and environment-friendly features, rich equipment options, as well as its eye-catching design. NovoCiti VOLT, whose first overseas delivery was made to France in 2021, is exported to many European countries today. Developed by Anadolu Isuzu in accordance with the public transportation trends of the future, NovoCiti VOLT successfully meets the high environmental, comfort and safety standards applied by European countries. NovoCiti VOLT's features and equipment can be flexibly customized according to operators' needs. Standing out in the competition with its low operating cost and maximum efficiency advantages for operators, NovoCiti VOLT offers a range of up to 268 km with its 350kWh battery capacity. Thanks to the batteries placed on the ceiling and the balanced weight distribution, the passenger capacity can be up to 52 people. The highly maneuverable regenerative braking system, NovoCiti VOLT, which makes a significant contribution to the vehicle's total power management, and the "Driver Rating System" helps to achieve the highest operational efficiency by analyzing values ​​such as energy consumption. Anadolu Isuzu will further develop the NovoCiti VOLT series, of which it has already launched an 8-meter version, with 12 and 18-meter options very soon.

Anadolu Isuzu will introduce many models for the first time at the Hannover Fair

Anadolu Isuzu is preparing to leave its mark on the IAA Transportation fair, which will be held in Hannover, Germany, on September 20-25, 2022, with new midibus and bus models produced by Turkish engineering. The product in the new segment, which will change the rules of the game in the sector, will be 12% electric and completely manufactured in Turkey. Anadolu Isuzu, which will exhibit the CitiVolt 13m model alongside Big•e, will also take part in the fair with the fully electric NovoCITI Volt, XNUMX% Biogas compatible, alternative fuel Kendo/Interliner XNUMX CNG and the Isuzu Grand Toro in the mid-size bus segment.

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