Motorcycle Culture is Spreading in Turkey

Motorcycle Culture Spreads in Turkey
Motorcycle Culture is Spreading in Turkey

Due to the pandemic, people's tendency to use vehicles instead of public transportation in close distances has increased motorcycle sales. When the demand of e-commerce companies was added to the rising automobile and fuel prices, sales peaked. While the number of registered motorcycles pushed the limit of 4 million, it also led to the spread of motorcycle culture, which is a passion, in Turkey.

In addition to being fast and economical, the use of motorcycles, which provides a unique freedom area, started to increase especially after the pandemic. According to TUIK (Turkish Statistical Institute) data, almost half (48,7%) of the vehicles registered to traffic in July were automobiles, followed by motorcycles with 30,3%. As of the end of July, the number of registered motorcycles in Turkey has pushed the 4 million mark. MOTED (Motorcycle Industry Association) estimates that by the end of 2022, motorcycle sales will increase by at least 20% compared to the previous year.

While increasing vehicle ownership provides an environment for the spread of motorcycle culture, Bajaj, one of the three most preferred motorcycle brands since 2014, brings motorcycle enthusiasts together in different cities of Turkey with events it calls "Dominar Riders". Hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts came together at the events organized by Bajaj, an India-based company, in 14 different locations such as Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Denizli, Sakarya, Adana, Gaziantep, Istanbul and Izmir. In addition to finding the opportunity to meet and mingle with each other, motorcycle enthusiasts who discover the different characteristics of the regions where the events are held also contribute to the spread of motorcycle culture under the leadership of Bajaj. The Dominar 250 and Dominar 400 models of Bajaj, which is one of the most preferred brands in Turkey and in the world on a price-performance basis, also attract great attention from motorcycle enthusiasts at the events.

Motorcycle enthusiasts gather at Bajaj's "Dominar Riders" event

Bajaj Sales and Marketing Manager Ekrem Ata stated that they are the leader in the sports segment with a market share of 32,5 percent, that they offer high-level products to users in terms of quality as well as price-performance, and that they produce the best models in the industry in terms of fuel savings thanks to the technology they have developed. The popular and preferred Bajaj continues to dominate the motorcycle market with its Dominar 250 and Dominar 400 models. These two models, which are very popular, have a lot of fans across the country. We are not indifferent to the interest shown in these new models of our brand, and we bring our users together by organizing events in many regions of Turkey. In this way, we not only mediate the establishment of new friendships, but also enable motorcycle enthusiasts to discover local cultures and flavors. We will continue to bring together motorcycle enthusiasts from different regions by continuing our activities aimed at promoting and disseminating motorcycle use. In this regard, it is sufficient for our users to reach us through our authorized dealers in their region.”

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