MXGP Turkey MXGP Received Best Publicity Award

MXGP Turkey Received MXGP Best Promotion Award

MXGP TURKEY, the final of the MXGP (World Motocross Championship), where the world's most watched and the best motocrossers compete for the podium, is at Afyonkarahisar Motorsports Center, which has been chosen as the best track and paddock area in the world. [...]

Western Corporate Autocross Races Orhangazide

Western Corporate Autocross Races in Orhangazi

Western Corporate Autocross Races 50-100 September, organized by 3 automobile sports clubs operating in Bursa, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Automobile Sports in Bursa and the 11th anniversary of Bursa's liberation from enemy occupation. [...]

Nine September Rally in Yahselli

Dokuz Eylül Rally in Yahşelli

Organized by Aydın Automobile Sports Club (AYOSK), the fifth leg of the Aegean Cup, the Dokuz Eylül Rally, will be held on Saturday, September 10. 5 cars and 20 athletes in 40 different categories [...]

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Usak Car Rental Company

Uşak car rental company offers solutions to the car rental demands of people coming from outside or living in Uşak with its many vehicle years. Related services options such as daily rental, weekly or monthly rental [...]