What is a translator and interpreter, what does it do, how to become one? Translator Salary 2022

What is a Translator and Interpreter
What is a Translator and Interpreter

The interpreter transfers the information transmitted to him from one language to another. Interpreters translate orally or in sign language; translators translate written texts.

What Does a Translation and Interpreter Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

Although there is a difference between translator and translator, such as translating texts in spoken or written language, their professional responsibilities are common. It is possible to collect them under the following headings;

  • Converting the concepts in the source language to equivalent concepts in the target language,
  • To convey sentences accurately and clearly,
  • Preparing the texts in accordance with the deadline,
  • To search for legal, technical, scientific and cultural expressions in order to make the correct translation,
  • Consulting subject matter experts to understand and appropriately translate specialist concepts.
  • To ensure that the translated content conveys its original meaning.

How to Become a Translator?

In order to become a Translation and Interpreter, it is necessary to graduate from universities, such as Translation - Interpreting or related departments such as German Language and Literature, American Culture and Literature.

Features Required in a Translation and Interpreter

In order to be successful in the position of Translation and Interpreter, fluency in at least two languages ​​is required in addition to the mother tongue. The qualifications expected from the translator and interpreter profession based on language terminology are as follows;

  • Oral and written command of a foreign language,
  • job programming and zamhave the ability to understand
  • Having high communication skills,
  • Paying attention to grammar, spelling and punctuation rules,
  • Have the attention and skill to complete multitasking.

Translation and Interpreter Salaries 2022

As the translator progresses in their careers, the positions they work and the average salaries they receive are the lowest 5.500 TL, the average 8.380 TL, the highest 28.600 TL.

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