VIP Transfer Privilege to Beymen with MG

VIP Transfer Privilege to Beymen with MG
VIP Transfer Privilege to Beymen with MG

Represented by Doğan Trend Automotive, the world-renowned automobile manufacturer MG signed a collaboration with Beymen, one of Turkey's leading clothing brands. Within the scope of the cooperation that has been going on since June, Beymen customers can enjoy the privilege of VIP transfer with the MG brand in Bodrum throughout the summer months.

Customers who will benefit from this VIP transfer service, which can be used from every point of the favorite holiday city of Bodrum to Beymen stores, will also have the opportunity to meet the MG E-HS model, which stands out with its impeccable design, environmental features and high-level comfort. Within the scope of this cooperation, which will last until September 2022, the MG E-HS model will tour every street of Bodrum district and will ensure that Beymen customers have a comfortable and private transfer time.

E-HS, the first rechargeable hybrid model of the brand, manages to attract attention with its remarkable features. Producing 258 PS power and 480 Nm torque with the working of its electric and gasoline engines, MG E-HS demonstrates that it can be both high-performance and environmentally friendly with its low carbon emission of 43 g/km and fuel consumption of 1,8 l/100 km (WLTP). proves it. The new E-HS PHEV, which can accelerate to 100 km / h in 6,9 seconds, is presented to its users in Turkey with Comfort and Luxury equipment packages. In addition to all these, the environmentally friendly features of the rechargeable hybrid model also stand out. With the electric motor of MG E-HS, it is possible to drive in all-electric mode without consuming any fuel, up to a range of 52 kilometers. Thus, the MG-Beymen cooperation also pioneers the silent, emission-free transfer on the streets of Bodrum.

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