New Pirelli Scorpion

New Pirelli Scorpion
New Pirelli Scorpion

Pirelli's Scorpion range for SUVs is now safer, more comfortable and higher performing. Completely updated with the renewal of summer, winter and all season versions some time ago, the series has improved its results in all performance parameters required for the European tire label. First introduced for off-road vehicles in 1986, the three heirs to the original Scorpion, the Scorpion summer tire, Scorpion Winter 2 and Scorpion All Season SF2 share excellent wet performance ratings. Scorpion tires continue to evolve to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of modern SUVs. The fact that about 90 homologations have already been taken for the new series also proves this evolution.

Three different Scorpions: Same security and efficiency

It is particularly noteworthy that all three members of the family scored excellent wet grip: All dimensions are now in the A or B class, the highest scores on the European tire label. More than 80% of these tires are in Class A. More than 60% of the Scorpion lineup is rated A or B for rolling resistance, which is a key efficiency measure for environmental protection and contributes significantly to the range of electric vehicles. The current series is very close to Pirelli's 70 target, which is that 2025% of all tires will be classified A and B in terms of rolling resistance. All versions of the three tires, which also achieved high results in the noise category, are in the A or B class.

While the Scorpion was revamped some time ago, it was intended to respond to the expanding SUV segment that is projected to grow steadily over the next few years. These vehicles, which have a high curb weight and center of gravity, offer special driving dynamics that require special tires that meet the latest current and future mobility standards. While the Scorpion family achieves higher comfort, safety and performance goals, some dimensions are optimized for use in electric SUVs. Approximately 30% of the series has Elect technology developed specifically for electric and rechargeable hybrid vehicles. With all these features and technologies, Scorpion is the most homologated Pirelli series for 'environmental' cars.

Available with technologies such as Seal Inside, Run Flat and PNCS, Elect is one of the defining features of Pirelli's most modern tires in the series. More than a third of the new Scorpion summer, winter and all-season tires include these technologies. While the optional PNCS provides a comfortable and silent journey, Pirelli's Seal Inside and Run Flat systems create an advantage in knowing that no one will stay on the road even if the tire is punctured. Benefiting from these innovations, Pirelli is the leading tire manufacturer of the European SUV segment, especially focusing on 19 inches and above.

Security, sustainability and verified performance

The three newest products of the Scorpion family were created in a process Pirelli describes as “Design for the Environment”. In this unique approach, innovative materials and vehicles are used, as well as virtual models from motorsports, to achieve excellent sustainability and safety performance. Pirelli's tires ensure reliable braking and road holding on dry and wet roads with its “Environmentally Safe Design”, while providing safety and limiting environmental impact thanks to improved fuel consumption, lower noise level and longer tire life. To achieve these impressive results, the tire range has been largely redesigned with R&D efforts focused on optimizing the composition of the compounds, developing three different tread patterns and reinforcing the structure with new materials.

This series-wide update has enabled Pirelli to receive the prestigious TÜV SÜD Performance Mark for the Scorpion, which is awarded only to tires that rank among the best in the market in a wide variety of driving conditions. The entire Scorpion line is manufactured in factories in the EU region to secure the supply chain.

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