Why is the ring narrowed and widened? Will These Rings Lose Their Value?

Why Are Rings Shrinked and Expanded? Do These Rings Lose Their Value?
Why Are The Rings Narrowed And Expanded? Do These Rings Lose Their Value?

Buying a ring can be expensive from shrinking or widening the old ring. Those who experience weight change due to pregnancy or other reasons can change the width of their jewelry instead of buying rings. This process includes laser cutting and joining. Thanks to cleaning and polishing, this ring looks like new: no traces left.

Weight change, swelling in the finger, wanting to wear the ring on a different finger are among the reasons for diameter change.

There are different models of rings. Rings can be made of precious stones and precious metals. Rings made of precious metals and stones may lose value while being sold. Therefore, instead of selling, enlargement and reduction are done. lorapirlanta.com.trfrom Cumhur Fabric told.

Causes of Ring Narrowing

  • For example, while the person has a higher weight at the time of buying a sapphire ring, zamcan weaken. In such a case, the fingers of the person also weaken and the ring begins to feel narrow. Therefore, the ring needs to be narrowed.
  • Likewise, while the person is taking the ring, there may be swelling in his body due to edema. ZamWith the removal of the edema, the ring becomes abundant on the finger.
  • The person may be pregnant while buying a ring. With pregnancy, conditions such as weight gain and swelling develop in the body. When the person returns to his old self after birth, the ring comes in plenty. Therefore, the shrinking process takes place.
  • The size of each finger is different from each other. When buying a ring, the person takes it on a certain finger. The ring can be wide when you want to wear it on another finger later. This situation is also a reason for tightening a ring.

Ring Enlargement Reasons

  • The person, for example, may be thin during the period when he buys a five-stone ring. ZamWhen you experience weight gain, this ring is too narrow for the person. In such cases, ring expansion can be performed.
  • Human body zamIt has a structure that changes and develops with time. Many changes can occur in the body even within a month. Due to these changes, accessories such as rings are narrow. Ring expansion is preferred, as ring replacement can be costly.
  • A solitaire diamond ring cut with a laser is opened while enlarging, and a piece of the required size is added. On the contrary, while the reduction process is performed, a piece of the determined size is cut with a laser and the diamond is removed from the ring. In both these cases, the joining of the ring is done easily and healthily by means of laser. Thus, there are no cutting and joining traces on the ring.
  • In addition, the cleaning and polishing processes to be carried out after the dimensioning processes make the solitaire diamond ring look like the first day. Narrowing and widening a diamond ring is a tricky business.

Size changes are made in the rings according to the person. Rings do not lose value while making this body change. Narrowing and widening the rings is a process done with a spindle. The piece added or removed is very small. Therefore, it does not lose value. It is appropriate for the ring narrowing and widening operations to be done by the masters.

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