MG Completed Its First Year in Turkey

MG Completed Its First Year in Turkey
MG Completed Its First Year in Turkey

The legendary British automobile brand MG, of which Doğan Trend Automotive, operating under the umbrella of Doğan Holding, is the Turkey distributor, has completed its first year in Turkey. Evaluating the successful graphics of all its brands and emphasizing the importance of MG's role in it, Doğan Trend Automotive CEO Kağan Dağtekin said, “Despite the low share of electric vehicles in our country and the difficulties in trade, the country launch of the MG brand, which we have just started to sell in our country, in 2021 with its 100% electric model. we did. We aimed to be an accessible Premium and in line with this goal, our aim was not only to introduce our ZS EV model, but also to bring it together with its owners who want to step into the electric world. This model, which hit the roads in our country last June, became the best-selling electric car in the same month. Our aim is to continue to grow with determination in all our brands and businesses in 2022," he said.

Established in England in 1924, the deep-rooted British automobile brand MG (Morris Garages) re-entered many European markets under the name of MG Electric as of 2019, and entered the Turkish market in 2021 with the assurance of Doğan Trend Otomotiv. MG's electric compact SUV model, ZS EV, was launched in our country as part of the brand's growth plans in the European market. Entering our country's market as Turkey's most accessible 100% electric SUV model, MG ZS EV has achieved success in a short time. zammanaged to make a name for himself. In the last quarter of the year, the second model in our country, the brand's first rechargeable hybrid model, MG E-HS was introduced to the Turkish market.


“We will continue to grow”

Emphasizing that as Doğan Trend Automotive, they took steps towards growth with important steps in 2021, Doğan Trend Automotive CEO Kağan Dağtekin said, “As Doğan Trend Otomotiv, we knit our long-term strategy around electric mobility. We have become the company with the largest electric mobility product portfolio with our automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and scooters. In this context, MG has become one of our most important brands. Being the first 100% electric model of the brand, ZS EV has achieved a very successful sales graphic since the day it went on sale in our country, and has also succeeded in being among the top 5 best-selling electric cars in Turkey. In 2021, we managed to catch 38 sales, which corresponds to 319 percent of the previous year's electric car sales, only with our MG ZS EV model. Our aim is to continue to grow with determination in all our brands and businesses in 2022 as well.”


“The contribution of the MG family to our success is huge”

Doğan Trend Automotive Group Deputy General Manager responsible for Automobile Brands Tibet Soysal emphasized that MG's contribution to the success achieved as Doğan Trend. “Electric car advertisement was shown on television for the first time in our country, not only in this regard, but also with our Valueguard second-hand value preservation program and the Wallbox charging station, we have succeeded in being a pioneer by offering our customers a fast charging solution in their own homes. All of our rechargeable hybrid E-HS model was sold in November, while it was still on board, before it reached our country. Our gasoline ZS model, with its foldable e-bike in its trunk, offered the urban traffic solution that we started to need more and more in our big cities. Our authorized dealers, business partners, friends, namely the MG family contributed greatly to this success. We announced our name with only one model a year ago, the number of our models has increased, we have grown together, we have managed to become a much more valuable and big family.”


New ZS EV in Turkey in the last quarter

Making statements about the renewed model of the ZS EV, Doğan Trend Automotive Group Deputy General Manager for Automobile Brands Tibet Soysal said, “Within a year, the MG Family has grown and will continue to grow. There are 13 MG authorized dealers in nine different cities across Turkey. It started out with a single model in May 2021 and became the leader in its segment in its first year. We are preparing to announce great surprises, especially in 100, the 2024th anniversary of the brand.” Giving information about the new ZS EV, which was exhibited for the first time as part of MG's 1st year celebration event, Soysal said, "The new model of ZS EV, which is one of the first models that comes to mind when it comes to 100% electric in our country, has a WLTP range of 440 km, thanks to the increased capacity of the battery pack. It can go up to 550 km in it,” he said.

Vehicle that can charge other vehicles: New MG ZS EV

The new MG ZS EV will be presented to the Turkish market in the last quarter of the year with its renewed design. The new MG ZS EV has an electric motor that produces 115 kW of power. The 70 kWh battery feeding the engine allows a range of 440 km (WLTP). With its regeneration system (KERS), which offers 3 different driving modes and 3 different levels of energy recovery, the ZS EV responds to all the needs of the user, while allowing its range to be controlled. a, which in the previous version was 140 km / hzamThe i speed increased to 175 km/h in the new MG ZS EV. The biggest differences of the MG ZS EV, which was chosen as the car of the year in England, compared to the current model, are the body color front grille and the renewed full LED headlights.

The new ZS EV will make a name for itself among electric vehicles, thanks to its technology-developing interior design, new security measures and the V2L (Vehicle to Load), which will be a first in Turkey, in other words, vehicle-to-vehicle charging feature. Voted car of the year in the UK and Sweden, and a very close zamThanks to the vehicle-to-vehicle connection (V2L) feature of the new ZS EV, which will be sold in our country, it is possible to charge other electrical devices.

MG Turkey Milestones

  • The first press launch was held on January 1, the MG brand was introduced.
  • Press launch of MG ZS EV was held on April 9th.
  • On May 14, an advertisement for a 100% electric car with MG ZS EV was shown on television for the first time in Turkey.
  • The first MG ZS EV sale took place in April.
  • In June, the MG ZS EV became the best-selling 34% electric car model with 100%.
  • In its first three months, the MG ZS EV made 3% of the all-electric car market sold in the three months before it went on sale.
  • On July 10, a zero-emission island run with 100% Electric MG ZS EV took place in Büyükada, where internal combustion engine cars are prohibited.
  • Saturday, August 21, MG ZS EV hit the Formula 1 track and for the first time in the world, a race with "24" emissions was held for 0 hours. In this endurance race, cyclists pedaled for a full 24 hours.
  • 350 WALLBOX charging stations were installed.
  • Formula 1 race day MG ZS EV was also on the track.
  • 40 MG EHS PHEVs were sold while still on board.
  • Best debut electric car award was received.
  • With the ValueGuard value protection package, an innovation was made in the automotive industry.
  • It started to be used as a “Follow Me” vehicle with MG ZS EV at IGA Istanbul Airport.
  • Many fleets looking to reduce their carbon footprint have chosen the MG ZS EV.
  • MG ZS EVs, which hit the roads as of June, covered about 2021 million km in 2. 2 million km of electric driving means 320 tons less CO2, the amount of CO32 cleaned by 2 thousand trees. it's the same zamIt means 32 thousand trees at the same time clearing 320 tons produced by gasoline cars instead of MG ZS EVs.
  • At the 11st Anniversary celebration held on May 1, the renewed ZS EV was shown in Turkey for the first time.

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